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MMF is a non-profit organization that provides business training, loans, and one-on-one support to people throughout Western North Carolina who want to start, expand, or strengthen a small business.

Since our founding in 1989, nearly 1,800 aspiring entrepreneurs across the 12 most Western counties of North Carolina have benefitted from MMF’s small business training and start-up capital. There are now more than 900 open businesses owned by MMF Alumni.

Do you want to do what you love? Make your own hours and your own decisions. Come to a free information session to learn how MMF can assist you in becoming your own boss.

animated_221204Begin with MMF’s Foundations Business Planning Program, which helps you answer the key questions for Rotating Image Gallerystarting or expanding your business. Our ten-week program meets for three hours each week, at times and locations convenient to your schedule. The cost is affordable, ranging from $35 – $300, depending on your income and education. Turn your dreams, experiences, and skills into practical, doable steps that lead to financial independence. For more information on our programs, please visit our Aspiring Entrepreneurs page.

Majongg Tiles

Majongg is the tiles game that originated from China. In the most common variation, there are 144 tiles to be used for the game. However, since there are also regional variations, some only uses the 136 tiles for the game. Before one starts to play majongg, he or she should know first the basics of the game, and of course all about the tiles being used. One can download majongg on any mobile gadget.

download MajonggWhat are the different tiles for the majongg game? For every game set, there are three simple suits, two honor suits, and one optional suit. The simple suits consist of the stones, characters and the bamboos. The stones feature one to nine round shapes on each tile. Each round shape represents a coin with a square hole in the middle. The character tiles have the character which means “10, 000” plus the Chinese character for the numbers one through nine. It is also necessary to familiarize the Chinese numbers to be able to put the tiles in numerical order. Bamboos have bamboo sticks on it to represent the strings. It is numbered from two to nine while the number one tile has a bird sitting on a bamboo. The winds feature the character for compass directions: East, South, West and North Winds. The dragons are a threesome. One features a character representing passing the imperial exam, another has a character that represents an archery marking that means a person will release his draw, and lastly, a character which means freedom. The bonus or optional suit consists of the flowers. This set may be used as a wild card to complete tile combinations. It can also help the player earn extra points.

Learn the basics and download majongg now to experience this mind boggling game of tiles.

Red Flags When Looking For Legitimate Dentists

While it does cost quite a penny for you to have you or a loved one undergo a dental procedure involving braces Santa Cruz does have a considerable number of skilled practitioners and certified dentists who do the job for less. All you need to do is to a little more research.

However, you wouldn’t want to go for any sort of medical ‘bargain’ that seems too good to be true: Here are some signs that indicate that you should think twice before whipping out your wallet.

1. Lack of certification – Whether you’re looking for a dentist online or door to door, you should know that actual dentists have their credentials on display, whether experienced or fresh out of certification. Their certificates should indicate some sort of control or ID number which you can cross-reference for authentication and more information, should you choose to take a closer look at your desired dentist’s previous exposure.

Braces Santa Cruz2. Lack of clear expectations – Like any other professional service, you should always be on the lookout for dentists and other dental practitioners who back their guarantees with any actual risks involved. These professionals are the real deal, actual dentists who are more passionate about their craft than they are in making a quick buck. Consequently, you should be on guard if you see the following sign:

3. More flash than substance – In other words, if the office/website looks more like an advertisement than an actual dental clinic, you can be sure that they have other interests in mind.

When it comes to dental services ranging from root canals to braces Santa Cruz is like any other major community that has more prominent providers and professionals that you ought to consider more than others. However, if you aren’t 100% sure in trusting an establishment’s dental services due to the following indicators, it always helps if you consider other options as well.

Know About Caviars

The caviar delicacy has grown in popularity ever since the ancient times. It has then evolved and has already travelled the world over. In ancient times, kings, queens, and aristocrats eat this caviar and even splurge in it. Nowadays, people all over the world are more than willing to pay up to thousands of dollars just to have a taste of this amazing delicacy.

Caviar is not only delicious but also a healthy delicacy. It has its dose of vitamins and minerals that help boost the person’s immune system.

Being one of the oldest delicacies in the world, caviar is highly regarded and popular among people from all over the world. It may be not as expensive as you think, but also definitely not cheap. There are so many different kinds of caviar and caviar prices have dropped in the recent years as technology has also contributed to advances in aquaculture, thus having ways to farm sturgeon to make it more available and affordable for people to consume.

Palace of fine food caviar pageCaviars are judged through its color, flavour, texture and maturity. The lighter it is in color, the larger in size and older it is, the more fine and expensive they are. The lower quality caviar is younger and with a lesser intense fish flavor, and is also darker in color.

How is it eaten? Caviar is traditionally eaten directly from the skin and in between the index finger and thumb. The eggs are then rolled slowly around the mouth and popped to release the flavor.

The Palace of fine food caviar page contains the necessary information one needs to know about caviar. Want to know more about caviar and its most expensive kind there is? You may key in most expensive caviar or go to the Palace of fine food caviar page.

The Perks of Having an Event Planner

Hiring an events company Singapore to hold your event doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be that costly. True, you will be paying for their services they will be the one who will help you trim down your budget without compromising the whole event.

From the very start, you have to inform the planner from an events company Singapore your budget and your expectations of the event. Then there, they will help you find ways on how to make use of your allotted budget for the event and still make it very successful. But how can a planner from an events company do this? Here’s why.

Planners have their connections. In their many years in that kind of business, for sure they know all the local and international resources. And with your budget, for sure, they can find the perfect kind for you. This is especially true with the caterers, decorations, sounds, fixtures and so many more. And since they know what you need, they can help you choose the very right one without putting you on the spot budget-wise.

Events company singaporeSpecial Arrangements
Planners can also help if you want something really special or completely out of the box ideas. They can help you make it into a reality with the help of their personnel. Planners want their clients satisfied that is why they will do everything they could just to comply with their client’s request. If it has to do with the additional services like decorations and lights, planners can pursued them into helping make the client’s wish come true and that’s without costing that much extra.

These are just some of the many things an event planner can do for you. They can make things possible without actually putting a hole on your pocket. Instead, they make everything fascinating which will then make you realize that you actually had an event that is worth more than what you could afford.

Purifying One’s Colon

Access of all nutrients begins in an individual’s intestinal tract. If your intestines are not functioning accordingly, digestion of food intake will not be properly processed and the other is if the walls of your intestines are covered with hard mucus caused by undigested food that remain in the intestine, the more that nutrients coming from the food you eat won’t be properly absorbed by the body. The colon is the body part that helps remove digested food out of the body and at the same time releasing toxic waste and bacteria that are accumulated within. The colon would be the drain in a kitchen sink, and if it is blocked the harder everything in your body system will not work ingeniously.

limpieza intestinalToo much of everything is bad for one’s health, and that goes with an individual’s colon which can carry only an amount of fecal in it. Detoxification of an individual’s colon is advised to see to intestinal cleaning or limpieza intestinal. There are several means to limpieza intestinal, but before doing so see to it that your body or your intestines are prepared for the process. Do not just try anything that you read on publications or the internet advising you to intake substances that will help in intestine cleansing, consult with a doctor or a professional that will advise you of the proper method that you should do. Recommendations may include the intake or consumption of food with good fiber in them, or herbal drinks that cleanse and heal an individual’s gastrointestinal, or a prescribed intake of probiotics to develop good bacterias that will help the colon get better. Proper maintenance of the body and health care plus the practice of a healthy living and lifestyle are the main factors to really keep all the functioning parts of the body intact and in good condition.

Quality Services at Low Prices

All things nowadays that are marketable provide discounts that would encourage consumers to avail or purchase them. These include services of all kinds, from internet connections to hosting services. A small orange hosting company provides packages that provide savings that are very convenient to their loyal clients. Aside from the affordable rates that ASO is continuously providing, savings like a small orange promo codes is a plus and an advantage that well benefits their users.

Coupons and promotional discounts are easy to avail of by just going to their website and viewing the assortment of a small orange promo codes available in their site. Some of their discount promotions are saving discounts like a 20 percent off on all ASO hosting plans that are paid annually, where a 20 percent discount off will be deducted every month. For monthly payers, a free trial for their small hosting package and a 5 percent off on the first month.

a small orange promo codesTheir customer service support will gladly enlighten users on the discounts that are available; inquiries are welcome any time of the day or the week. ASO has a 24/7 customer support that will assist anyone needing help technically or any matter that they can give service to. A live forum is also available for live inquiries that are a chat away.

Promotional savings also vary depending on the marketing promo of ASO for the month or a whole month. Past promotions includes spring savings, school savings and even business savings that area surely a big plus to business owners online. ASO, compared to other hosting companies provide affordable priced packages that also give adequate data and disk space that are the features that some clients look into. Speed that their host provides is satisfactory worth what a customer will spend.




Perfect Door Gifts For Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Wedding season is formally here, which implies that upbeat couples are topping off registries will each one of those extraordinary things that transform a house into a home. Lamentably, the presents for the bridesmaids and groomsmen that make the event so paramount are regularly nothing exceptional most especially if these are special door gifts singapore, which will make your groomsmen and bridesmaids happy.

Try not to remunerate the most influential men and ladies in your existence with nonspecific and superior endowments that will go to the back of the storeroom before your first wedding commemoration. Rather, pick something with an individual and exceptional touch door gifts singapore, which will serve as an indication of the extraordinary day for a considerable length of time to come!

Engraved Beer Mugs for Thirsty Groomsmen
Whether you hand them out at the practice supper or dole them out to your groomsmen amid the unique gathering, decorated larger mugs are the supreme blessing. A hand blown beer mug will rapidly turn into the chosen vessel of the decision whether your best man will give a toast or tasting a home mix two or three weeks after the wedding.

door gifts singaporeCustomized Perfume Bottles for Beautiful Bridesmaids
As you and your bridesmaids get prepared together on the great day, commend the constant companionships between ladies with a personalized and decorated aroma bottle. Modified with the date, the name of the woman and prepare or even with an excellent quote that whole up your kinship, an aroma container can be utilized day by day and is a fabulous indication of the individuals you hold generally dear. Since it will get a prime position to be used every morning, it is not a blessing or a wedding festival that will effortlessly be overlooked.

Your wedding won’t be an average one, so don’t make due to another standard present for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. These energizing and individual thoughts fit the bill for an extraordinary approach to show the amount you think about your wedding gathering on your unique day.

Safety First: Cockspur Window Handles

Safety is one of the most important factor people care about. You, for instance would make it a point that you are in a safe and secure home. One important material found in almost all houses are the window handles. There are so many types in the market today but there is one type of handle that many homeowners prefer to use and these are the Cockspur Window Handles.

These cockspur handles have been considered to be the most popular and simplest forms. Most houses whether old or new would use these handles because they are very easy to install on the window. The handles are easily operated. A small wedge ramp is fitted and built in opposite the handle for it to close. In terms of its locking method, it is very quite easy because the handle can clamp easily.

cockspur window handlesCockspur window handles will really help in securing and locking your windows. You will also not have a problem looking for this kind of window handle because it is available everywhere. You can even order online so that you will have a lot of choices. There are so many kinds and colors, and even styles that will fit your taste and preference. Many other homeowners would order online because they know there are so many promos and discounts. There are also many suppliers that they can choose from especially for those individuals who would want to order in bulks.

In case you are still planning of building your home, better consider this kind of window handle then. You will for sure like and appreciate it. You will not just have regular handles but you will have fashionable ones but most importantly you will have secure locks for the windows surrounding your home. So try installing the window handles now.

Benefits of Miswak

Miswak is known all around the world because of its uses and benefits. But before you get to know again its benefits, it is important to familiarize yourself more about the Miswak itself. This special kind of twig is primarily and customarily used in African and Middles Eastern countries. Many believed that it is not just use of oral hygiene but also for healing and this is why Miswak benefits are very important to learn about.

This special kind of twig is not just from one type of tree but different ones. Some of the trees that Miswak can be obtained are from Olive tree, Peelo tree, and Bitam. So one important benefit that miswak users can have is that fact that it’s healthy. Since miswak comes from natural plants, it produces good and healthy ingredients that will not be harmful to the body especially to the mouth. Sometimes, it may taste bitter but at the end of the day, the bitterness will mean good health.

miswak benefitsAnother of the so many miswak benefits is that it produces good aroma to the mouth. It makes one’s breath fresh all throughout the day. It contains the ingredient that will help eliminate germs and bacteria making your breath smell good and clean. This twig also blocks tooth decay as well as strengthen and support the gums. Miswak also removes and eradicates yellowish color of teeth which many would want and it also triggers good appetite.

If you want to have these benefits, you better start using miswak now. If you cannot get rid right away of your brushes then start slowly. It is quite important that you should also try other means for your oral hygiene. Nothing is wrong with new routines and it will also make things better. So start looking for your miswak now.

Reap The Rewards in 6 Months of SEO

It is Christmas in June! You got that right! Have you ever heard about “the secrets”? Whatever you put in mind and heart, if you take action, it will come. Make every month of the year feel like Christmas then. Why keep that feeling? It is during this season that you have the happiest and most exciting moments.

Same as with your business. Keep the excitement! Stop the drama of looking at the losing end. You are going to reap the rewards of your hard work in 6 months if you start learning how by checking out

Yes! In 6 months! That doesn’t mean it could be easy. Alright? You need to work on it. The process is actually the steps of implementing the DMAIC process. Ever heard of that? Here it goes:

D for Define – know your current status and understand what seem to be your problem. Define what should be your product, market, strategy, and method.
M for Measure – measure how much you are performing, this could be translated with the sales you generate.
A for Analyse – examine the variables affecting your process. You should keep up with the pace of a dynamic online market.
SEO Perfect CompanyI for Improve – improve on your keywords, links, or your contents. Maybe you could also improve on having more reliable updates on your information.
C for Control – take control once you have establish the market and strategies that work. Always make an evaluation on your performance to keep in control with your targets.

You see, the 6-month process that you will find at is actually the breakdown of the same DMAIC process. This can be applicable on whatever task you are given. If you want to reap the rewards in 6 months, get started and learn from the people who made it work.

Rolex Watches: Taking Care of Your Rolex

Rolex watches aren’t your average wristwatches that would last you a couple of years. Considering how reliable they are, and how long they last, you can easily call a Rolex more than just a purchase, but an investment.

Like all other investments, a Rolex watch needs to be properly maintained if you want to pass it on to the next generation. Here are some times that experts suggest when it comes to taking care of Rolex watches.

Rolex WatchesBecause most Rolex watches are equipped with its proprietary Oyster protection, they are water resistant and literally able to withstand most, if not all wet and damp conditions. That being said, waterproof Rolex watches can be washed. But before you get the Rolex all wet, make sure that you screw the winding crown into the watch case so that no water can get in through there. It is best to use warm water and less caustic soap to wash the exterior of the Rolex watch. Use a brush to get into the spaces in between the bands and the actual timepiece. Rinse the Rolex watch with warm water, and use a blow dryer with temperature control to make sure that any hard to reach areas are dried.

Scratches on Rolex watches, on the wristband in particular, can be addressed with quality polishing cloths. Choose the ones which are used for stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about producing even more scratches. These polishing cloths come treated with the proper polishing chemicals; avoid using any other cleaning liquids. Follow the grain of the metal when you apply pressure on to the scratched area with the cloth.

To make sure that Rolex watches are always chronologically accurate, its inner components need to be checked on a regular basis as well. It is recommended that Rolex watches be properly serviced by shops that are Rolex-certified.

With the proper care and regular maintenance, you can make your Rolex last for literally a hundred years.

Improving Vertical Jump 101

Who would not want to see people admitting you for your good shape and body as well as your muscular structures are nicely looking? Everyone wants that, right? Even the thinnest person in the world wants to have a lean body. Because there are people who have been dreaming to have a toned body, they jump into sports and exercise daily. Nevertheless, popular sports such as basketball, volleyball, football and the like require you to have a good jump style. But if you don’t have or have a low jump, what would you do? Below are tips on how to improve vertical jump. Follow these simple tips and get ready for an Olympic-like applause from people who will see you.

Warm up and Tone down
Any kind of exercise requires a warm up and a tone down. This will guarantee you that you will be able to endure your training and will make you less likely be involved in injuries brought about by exercise.

Be strong and be quick
how to improve vertical jumpOne of the aims on why you are studying about improving vertical jump is to develop your body’s strength and alertness. This will guarantee you that you are on the right track in improving your jump.

Building Your Muscles
It is essential to develop the muscles of your legs, thighs, and calves. Yet you have to consider what diet you have. You need to get a lot of protein as it will help in the development of your muscles as well as preventing you from injuries from exercise. Always remember that you have to be disciplined when it comes to your diet.

Also, keep in mind that you need to have a trainer with you so that your progress will be properly monitored.

Do the Double Jump
Always do the double jump and monitor the results that you are getting every day. Make sure that there is an improvement with regards to your double jumps each day.

These exercises will help you  on how to improve vertical jump. But always keep in mind that just because you did all these exercises in a day doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the result the very next day. No great things are achieved overnight. Be patient and persevere. Be determined to reach the goal.

Misconceptions About Instagram Concerning Business

Instagram is a site that is consumer-driven. This is not true. Many observers from different organizations allow the importance of online selling. In fact some famous brands already have Instagram accounts. One exciting and interesting characteristic of instagram is that brand accounts and personal accounts appear the same. Brands offered an opportunity to use this one-of-a-kind connection to help consumer engage and stimulate the people to disperse its visibility by indicating the @ sign and hashtags.

Instagram is for brands with visual products. This is a significant step stopping many brands from setting an Instagram account. Even if a brand provides service or sells products, running an Instagram account plainly becomes a challenge to them. They can write things regarding their company, their employees and their work, activities that carry values to the people, achievements and celebrations, anything that supports their brand.

free instagram followersInstagram is not open for interaction and offer many opportunities. Some consumers only believe that Instagram is all about posting, sharing photos and videos, and liking it. But they are wrong. Instagram offers more. It provides interaction by leaving comments. Some studies revealed that users in Instagram or the free Instagram followers leave comments to the photos posted every second, so it’s an understatement if it’s all about pictures only and liking it.

Instagram is just a social network. Some marketers see Instagram as nothing but a social network which only focused on socializing and sharing and posting. This is not true. If used strategically, Instagram can enhance any campaign on media. Users can share their Instagram images on Facebook and Twitter that appear with significant hashtags that do wonders to the visibility of a brand. Brands can use Instagram image as a visual to their posts. When users and free Instagram followers click on the picture it directly be addressed to the Instagram account of a company and extending it to their official website.

So there’s no stopping you to create your brand’s Instagram account. This tips will surely help you become motivated if you need to start doing useful and great things with Instagram.

Kate’s Reviews

Kate is the creator of the leanrunnerbean, the program that introduced the 6 minutes to skinny review. She is a nutritionist, so she has the knowledge to nutritious healthy foods that will not compromise in your aim to have a flat tummy.  For Kate, “life is for living, not for dieting”, so she introduced new tasty recipes for you. If you are serious about getting into shape, you should not worry that you are going to start to avoid tasty foods.  Kate’s review of 6 minutes to skinny will help you learn the food rules. You will have fun while on the process of weight loss. For those, who are doing the quick but dangerous way to diet, like starving oneself, this program is for you. Kate is an expert of foods that will aid in your weight loss. You will not starve while getting into shape. It is quick but healthy.

Kate's review of 6 minutes to skinnyWeight loss will never be the same. Because getting into shape is not a sacrifice but a fun and a healthy process. The Kate’s review of 6 minutes to skinny has it all. Learn the food rules that Kate will teach you and indulge in her favorite healthy recipe.  It is very familiar to you that skipping meals is the fastest way to flatten your tummy.  There are lot of people who wants to be sexy is still doing this unhealthy way. The fact is, it doesn’t match the idea of healthy eating. You starve yourself, but what happen later? You will feel so hungry that you will eat more. Instead of losing weight you will gain more weight. For those who are not lazy to go to the gym, you spend sweat money and time, and after the tiring exercise, you feel hungry and eat. And you wonder why it takes so long for you to see the effect. Science is always involved in the process. Kate’s review will make you informed. So, be informed and do the right and fun way to weight loss.

Tips For a Better Page Product

Some websites have improved their ideas and information to the people and that they have all the knowledge you want to know and learn. But finding these websites takes a lot of time and patience. Like those websites that offers e-commerce content, as what we call page product, if the buyer can’t find the product they want, then there’s no purchasing happening. A great example of a website is the Carnaval Nivelles. In Carnaval Nivelles reviews, it provides information about different categories of a product.

Page product need to post an image or a picture, and have some product description, a cart button as well as making a sale. They must persuade the buyer that the product they advertised meets the buyers’ requirements. But still many page products disappoint buyers.

Buyers mainly depend on the information of the product. Clear description are necessary to the buyers because they cannot really know if the product has good quality because they can’t touch it or even try it on before purchasing it.

Carnaval Nivelles ReviewsThe buyers’ unanswered questions are a disadvantage to the seller.  They will probably leave the site. And if you ponder on for more and do surveys, searching for another site in the internet will make the site you’ve just left lose the opportunity to gain money. Losing a buyer is just as similar to that of losing the order. But giving much more detailed information, having a description and having an affordable price like what in the Carnaval Nivelles reviews had just done, can give buyers the chance to purchase the product.

Page product that has poor content is a loss to the buyers. Its consequences include the abandonment of the buyer to the product as well as to the site, and a sad customer who will either return or ask for a remittance to the profit.

Most Common Types of Air Compressors

The two most common types of air compressors are the reciprocating or piston and the rotary screw compressors. They basically differ in pressure output and pressure flow. If you are looking for any this two, one highly recommended company is the PMJ International. They have a thirty-year record of developing a full range of reliable and original compressors and spare parts that cater all compressor needs. But before that, consider the differences between these common types of air compressors first before considering buying.

Reciprocating or piston compressor is used in oil and gas industries. It has a simple design, easy installation, lower initial cost, large power range, and there is no need to inject oil. It is usually a two-stage type compressor, meaning air is compressed twice, so it has good efficiency output. However, the downsides are the high maintenance cost, vibrating problems, various moving parts and not being able to provide a 100% output capacity.

PMJ InternationalRotary screw compressor has two turning helical screws. It has simple designs and can be installed easily as well. The cost ranges from low to medium and it has few moving parts. Most plants usually use this type of air compressor. Some drawbacks are the limited life of its airend, rotates at high speeds and uses oil that usually result to oil carryover. There are two types of rotary compressors however. The first is a single stage, which means air is compressed only once, and gives lower efficiency. Meanwhile, its two-stage type can provide better efficiency but has high initial cost.

Many types of these common compressors are manufactured and distributed by PMJ International. Their long years in the industry can promise any client with many more technical information and proper guidance as choose the air compressor that fitly suits their needs.