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Types of Stock Traders

It’s a conception that the roles of an investor and a trader are same in the trade market, but it’s not true as both jobs are quite different and necessary for the marketplace to function smoothly. The job strategies, tasks, associated risks are different while the trading software like Expert Advisor Creator is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of a trader not an investor. So, one should know the basic difference between a trader and an investor.
Stock investors are the entities who spend their own resources in buying equity securities and get a profit in the form of capital gains or interest. They play a significant role in a corporation where their value is like an owner of the company who invest money and keep shares for a long time. The investor should analyze the value and success rate of a company before investing in it. Choose a company with lower values and evaluate the success by measuring the financial rate is the two basic rules for an investor to ensure the successful earning.

Macro view of stock market application on touchscreen smartphone
Macro view of stock market application on touchscreen smartphone

On the other hand, a stock trader engages different equity securities and they focus on the market on a market not on a specific company. They invest their own assets and invest on the behalf of another person and play the role of an agent or arbitrageur. Basically, stock traders are the actual professionals who keep the market on the track by starting a trade from a small profit.
To become a good stock trader, one should keep a sound knowledge of previous data and should enable to estimate the future prices. Moreover, he is supposed to keep a regular check on the money and know the best platforms for supply and demand. Similarly, they change the whole scenario of the market by using techniques like fading.

How to Cook Rice

imagesMachinery today, even though is made on the intent to be easier to use, can still be somewhat tricky for most people. The technicalities involved can at times cause people to be a bit more cautious and scared. These fears by all means are understandable because many serious accidents have occurred due to an individual making mistakes when using their machinery. Sometimes in fact it is not even the individual’s fault; some people get injured due to faulty electrical supply or leaking gas from a pipe. With this in mind people wonder what could be the best microwave for a pizza or the best brown rice cooker.  Regardless of what they buy they must have a general idea as to how to use them, in this article we will focus on how to use a rice cooker to avoid any mistakes.

  • Firstly we calculate the amount needed for rice. Usually it’s 1 or 2 teaspoons and then put them in the pot
  • Always rinse or wash the rice before putting it into the pot to remove stains or dirt from it. There is always a chance of pesticides remains to present. Use water and rinse, afterwards drain away the water.
  • Once the rice has been placed into the pot, make sure to put in as much water required depending on how much rice you are making. For e.g. in brown rice, use 2 1/4 cups of water per 1 cup of rice.
  • Now that water has been placed on to the rice, we can continue by adding some spices or peppers in to the pot for extra flavor.
  • Turn to the on switch of the device and begin the heating process.
  • When the heating is done, wait at least 5 minutes before opening the lid.

You finally have made a boiled rice dish.


Kindred Company; Best or Nothing Less

There are many companies out there which are pretty famous for their products, but what we all do not know is that those products contain chemicals which can be very harmful for us and can affect us in long term. But the products of Kindred Company are nothing like that, all of their products are made with simple recipe without any harmful ingredients, most of them are hand-made.

A company was started in winters of 2015, they observed that they do not have companies like Kindred, and for a better and good society we need such companies which make products which are organic, hand-made and are made simply without adding any chemicals.

Their products are;

  • Beard/Lip Balms
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Conditioner
  • Oil
  • Facial Butter
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Hoodie
  • Masks

staticmapThese are their products and there are few more. All of them are free of chemicals and are made with organic and with simple raw materials. And it is a fact that products which do not contain chemicals are more effective and healthy for us. Most of these organic and hand-made products are very expensive and one cannot afford it easily, but here the case is different. Kindred Company’s products are not that expensive and they also put seasonal sales, which makes the price of the product even less. If you want to know anything you should go through their website and you will get to know all, you can also do online shopping from there.

Do you want to know about people who came up with idea of Kindred Company? Travis and Marti are the two geniuses who came up this idea, their goal is to provide their customer with the best and nothing less. You should definitely try their products, they are worth it.


The Disadvantage of Watching Movies on Smartphone

Thanks to the fact that smartphones are becoming more and more advanced every passing day, a lot of people have started watching movies on their smartphones, a of credit also goes to the apps like cinemabox and Netflix that let you stream content right on your phone. But with this advancement, a lot of people have raised their concerns about whether or not watching movies on a smartphone is all that sensible of a thing because obviously, there are quite some limitations. While the fact that you get a sharper video is completely true, is it really fun to watch a movie on a screen that is much smaller than what people are usually watching movies on. With that said, today, we are going to some of the biggest disadvantages that come from watching movie on a smartphone.

The Smaller Screen Size

ubuntuPeople who are enthusiastic about watching movies are using screen sizes that range from 30 inches and go all the way up to 50 inches and even beyond. However, a comfortable smartphone has a screen size of only 5.5 or 5.7 inches. While it’s true that the sharpness on a smaller screen is much better, the overall experience differs from person to person, and while some enjoy watching a movie on a smaller screen, the enthusiasts still prefer to have bigger screens.

Can Cause Eye Strain

Considering how when you are watching movies on a smartphone, the screen is a lot closer, and while people enjoy the immersive experience, you should know that watching movies on smartphone can cause a terrible amount of eye strain, and it is not something that just goes away once you are done watching the movie, because the next time you watch the movie, it’ll come back with an intense effect as compared to the last time.

Disadvantages of Hiring Wedding Planners

bangkok-wedding-venueWedding planning is stressful, period. Whether it’s booking the venue, dealing with florists, hiring decorators etc. it’s really stressful and it can take a toll on your well-being if you’re not equipped to handle pressure. You’ve seen great weddings that were handled by wedding planners and wedding stylist Gold Coast and everyone keeps telling you to get one. However, it’s important to remember that while wedding planners are a Godsend for most, they’re not suitable for everyone. So, if you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, it’s important to consider the following disadvantages before making your decision.

  • There’s no beating around the bush about it, wedding planners are costly. The more experienced your wedding planner, the higher they charge. So, if you’re working on a budget, a wedding planner would be the opposite of staying within your budget.
  • If you like staying in control and on top if things, a wedding planner might not be the best fit for you. Most wedding planners work according to their own pace and they can’t adjust that because of you, if anything it will only serve to destroy their process and it will keep you very anxious the entire time. So, unless you’re willing to give up control, a wedding stylist Gold Coast might not be your thing.
  • If you and your wedding planner can’t see eye to eye or can’t connect properly, the entire experience will leave a very sour taste by the end of it since you’ll be too busy arguing than trying to relax.
  • Your wedding planner might bring up additional costs you never considered. Sure a swan-shaped centerpiece sounds nice but you wouldn’t have spent that much money on it had the wedding planner not insisted that it would be a great addition.
  • If you’re a sentimental person, you might feel like you’re missing out on the whole experience of wedding planning on your own which a number of women consider a rite of passage.

How Are Mortgage Rates Determined?

The mortgage rate in mortgage company Clinton Township MI is 3.69% for a 30 year fixed term. In fact, if one does a mortgage rates in Michigan search on Google they will come across various rates for different periods and types of mortgages. The question however, is how these rates are decided and why they are what they are. We go along with whatever our mortgage broker or bank tells us without investigating the rates or how they work ourselves. It is for this reason that having a better understanding of why mortgage rates fluctuate is important so that we can work towards the lowest interest rates possible. It is a real eye opener to see that even a mere change of 0.25% in the interest rates can mean thousands of dollars in your savings.

Изменение процента по ипотеке. Концепция.The main factor that is said to affect the interest rates and later the mortgage rates is the 10 year Treasury bond yield, as it predicts whether the rates will rise or fall. This is because most loans are paid off in 10 years even if they are 30 years packages. This leads to interest rates changing every decade known as the 10 year bond yield. A countries economic rates also affect mortgage rates such as consumer price index, GDP, consumer confidence, job reports and home sale. If investors can see that things are not looking too good economically, they will sell their stocks and in turn, mortgage rates will lessen. Rising of stock market is directly proportional to the rates. However, an upsurge in inflation makes the mortgage rates fall.

To conclude, knowing all this helps a person decide when to apply for a mortgage and how to plan their future budget according to the analysis of the mortgage rate predictors at present.

Reviews on the Best Deep Fryers

Here are few deep fryer reviews you might want to read before your final purchase.

  • Breville Smart Fryer BDF500XL Review:

According to its reviews, it is the best deep fryer one can ever have. People have given this deep fryer 9.10 stars out of 10, yes it is that awesome. What people mentioned most about it in their reviews is that they love how it allows them control and to set its temperature and frying time, and one thing they all said they did not like in their reviews is that it takes a lot of time to clean it, which makes it a bit harder for its users. Other than that, it is an absolute classic piece and you should give it a thought.


  • Hamilton Beach 35034 Professional-Style Deep Fryer:

People have given this deep fryer 9.5 stars out of 10, which shows that it is a great product and people are loving it. All the reviews about this product says that it is great and absolutely worth it, and that you won’t be wasting your money, in fact once you will use it you will fall in love with it. One thing they really love about this deep fryer is that it has a lot of food capacity, around 12 cups of food capacity and also that it has 2 baskets in it and one can use it to fry multiple items. And they also like that easy it is to clean and to handle, it is very portable and one can carry it easily. You can also adjust its temperature according to your requirement. People really love this deep fryer and if you are thinking to buy one for yourself then you should give this one a shot. It will be worth it.

Building a Website Without Wasting Money

Every successful businessman out there is always looking for ways to save money, and we can tell you that if you want to build a website of excellent appearance and performance for the cheap, then you are doing the right thing. Because every single businessman out there is doing the same as you, because you should never overpay, and this article is going to bring you the knowledge you need to have in order to protect yourself from this situation.

The Domain and Hosting – Cheap Options:

how-to-make-money-online-without-investmentFor the domain we are going to use and for the hosting These two companies are the best for each use, and we are going to explain why in the following sentences. has some of the best prices for domains out there, you just need to get a good to their godaddypromocode. The best part is that you can get an excellent .com domain for less than $1 the first year. And this is something that’s very attractive, because registeringa domain for less than a dollar is something that’s very hard to find nowadays, but this company makes it possible for you, so you should take advantage of this godaddy promocode.

And for the hosting we recommend because they have excellent deals. They even allow you to pay only $0.01 the first month. And this company is also of great excellence, because their hosting plans are fully protected from DDOS attacks, and the best part is that they can stand quite a lot of traffic, and based on that, we can say that the hosting plans offered by Godaddy will grant you the speed that’s needed to satisfy your visitors. So use for your campaign – you will not regret it!

What Is A Jogging Stroller?

There were times when health conscious parents found it difficult to go out for a health walk, after a leaving a child at home. The solution was finally found in the shape of something innovative and different. It was a great piece for the parents and great fun for the kids. The parents were no more concerned about how to leave the kids at home. The solution came in the shape of Jogging strollers. The jogging strollers were the practical version of the prams. They are designed in such a way that they can be helpful for parents to carry out their health activities by keeping their babies with them. They have a unique aerodynamic structure that can be pushed easily when the parents are running or jogging. Thus, it ensures a complete family time while exercising also. The strollers come in number of shapes and sizes.

A usual jogging stroller is fitted with three wheels. The wheels are attached in such a way that the front wheel is larger than the two wheels at the back. The stroller has a strongly fixed handrail at the rear side to push it easily. The strollers also have weather shields that are in the shape of a top covering or a canopy. They keep the sun or rain away from your child.mother-running

The size and shape of the stroller varies with the nature of the work out the parent chooses. The stroller for an adventurous jogging time has a heavy duty metallic body and a wheel measuring 20”. Such heavy duty strollers also have shock absorbers. The best jogging stroller for going into a park or a usual jogging track is comparatively cheaper, light in weight and is fitted with a wheel of 16”. The jogger parents find both pros and cons of using the best jogging strollers. Some find it a speed and performance booster, while others consider it as a resistance.

Grab The Opportunities of the Internet before It’s TOO LATE!

If you don’t take advantage of this huge opportunity presented by the internet, then you can bet on it that someone else will come before you. As a serious businessman you are, or want to be, you need to embrace this mindset that you need to act quick and wisely. You need to take action now, and the best time to do it is right now, in this single moment, well, after finishing reading this article you can start. Stay with us for a while, because we are going to send you onto the right direction.

Your Address:

Sergii_Figurnyi_iStock_Thinkstock_reaching_handYou will need a website, that’s for granted. But a website is composed primarily by a domain name, which is your online address, and your hosting. You need to choose a brandable domain name, because in the internet nowadays it’s just a matter of how well you do branding, and this applies especially for offline businesses. If you really want to reach all your expectations with internet marketing, then you need to focus strongly on branding, because this is the way by which you will be noticed in the crowd, you need to make yourself different than the rest and branding is the way to do it.


You will need to have a good hosting if you want to offer to your visitors an excellent UX. Visitors will never return to your site if it’s bad-loading, because if it’s way too slow, it will cause in them a negative impression, and this will affect your sales. You need to choose, because it has proven to be of excellent quality, and it’s even more attractive if you take into account that it also offers you an excellent and life-saving hostgator promo.

Designing The Perfect Apartment

If you live an apartment, then you have different problems than those who live in houses. One of the biggest downsides you are prone to facing is the lack of space, and many persons have problems planning a good design for a small space. If that’s your situation, then you don’t have to go mad, because this situation can be fixed with a proper plan, so join us and discover the answers you want to hear.

Create a Huge Change with Lighting

When people ask me how they can change the way their house look, I always respond that by adding proper lighting everything will look better. If you don’t believe me, then you can simply visit this website,, and see the products they offer. Don’t you think that their lamps would look simply EXCELLENT in your org_mm912_Paris-Perfect_Alsace-0888_fullapartment? If you think so then you are not alone. Because a lot of people think that lamps from are simply sexy. The big downside with them is that they only work in Denmark, but you can find similar stores in your area. We just showed you this website so that you can get a good idea on what elegant and modern lighting means.

Create a Beautiful Balcony Garden:

A balcony garden may be the ingredient that’s left behind in your apartment. A small yet beautiful garden can make your apartment much more enjoyable. You just need to start doing this project from now, because a balcony garden will require quite some time in order to flourish, and it’s a lot better to start this project early and start monitoring it. Just start your balcony garden and you will see how your apartment will adopt a better vibe, you will be able to feel truly alive and happy!

Kia Sorento; the Best of the Best

Kia is one of the best and well known auto mobile company. Kia Sorento is one of their best cars and it is a mid-size crossover. It was first established in 2002 and since then they keep coming with new models of it with different styles and with the upgrading of the system. The latest one is Kia Sorento 2016, and it comes with a lot of new features. It has a roof rack cross bars which helps us to carry anything on the roof such as, a bicycle, a cargo box and other such things. It also contains of a cargo cover and a cargo tray which is water proof, and not just that it also has floor mats and carpets which are all made of leather. You will also get a wireless charger and a portable GPS, and the car does not starts with a key, in fact all you have to do it to press a button to start Kia Sorento. And you know what else? It also comes with a touch up paint pen, which you can use to get rid of scratches and lines, I mean how awesome is that?

2015-resp-comp-kia-sorento-2This car is best for a small family, a family of 5 to 6 people because they can comfortably adjust in this car due to the extra third row. It offers a new turbo of 2 liters with a horsepower of 240, it also comes with a lot of safety features which makes sure that the driver and the passengers are safe. It is among the best and most successful Kia cars, and its starting cost is around $25,100. Which according to me is definitely worth it, with so many features and accessories it is totally worth it.

Getting a Stunning Roofing For Your Home

The roofing is one of the most important parts of your home, and as such, you need to take proper care out of it. This article is especially dedicated to those who don’t want to repair their roofing, but instead want to replace it. And we have to congratulate you for that, because changing your roofing when it comes way too old or damaged is a good move from your part, because a new and better roofing will add more value to your home and will make your life far better, that’s why we say it’s a smart move.

Let’s Begin:

EDCO arrowline-metal-roofOne of the first, and most important things to do, is to get a clear image of how much your budget is, because if you don’t know what you can afford, you will quickly find yourself pretty puzzled. This is a simple yet pretty effective piece of advice, because if you get a good and clear image of your budget, then you will have an easier time at the hour of planning this roofing project for your house. So first you need to sit down, analyze it and start your project by knowing your capabilities and limitations.

Call The Company:

If I lived in Sterling, then the first thing I would do is to search for different Roofing companies in Sterling Heights Mi. Why? Because I need to have a clear image of how many options I have available for me. And you must do the same, because it’s a lot better to compare a lot of options, so that you can finally see what company offers you the best value for your money. This is all we wanted to share with you. So now it’s time to get into action, define your budget and hire a roofing company!


How to Level Up Your Internet Marketing Game

If you are a serious internet marketer, then you are aim should be set into improving your game, so that you can stand out from the crowd and increase your income. But this passion goes beyond money, because if you do IM for the sole reason of earning cash, then you are doing it all wrong. Money is an important fact, but it should not be your end goal. If you adopt this mindset then you will get a lot better results, because your passion will be driven by the right reasons, and this will get more things done the right way.

Get The Right Software:

You should always have a good keyword research tool, so that you can research better keywords with a complete competition analysis. There are so many pieces of software that will allow you to do so, it’s just a matter of investing your time into finding the right one of your needs and your budget.Online-Marketing-Trends

You should also try to get some good plugins for WordPress, which is the top-leading CMS for internet marketers. A great example of such plugin is the WP Cloudbot, which is a new-brand plugin launched a short days ago. Due to that, we recommend you to Buy WP CloudBot, because it’s going to level up your IM game like never before, because it’s a bot that will automatize a lot of repetitive tasks, so that you can invest your time into something that will make you money for real. Just remember it and Buy WP CloudBot, because this little investment is going to bring you a lot more money at the end of the day, because if you invest your money very well, then you will obtain much better results for your IM journey.

Buying High Quality Security Screens in Perth

Join Us:

Perth – what a wonderful city! Or as we like to call it: the best place to live in Australia! It’s simply magical! But even though it’s a great city – and we really believe it – just like every city out there, there are lots of dangers present. You need to do something to give a solution to this situation, you need to protect your house from these dangers.

The best bet for you in this case is to go and buy a security screen Perth. You don’t know how to accomplish it? Don’t worry – because it’s actually pretty easy. All you need to do from your part is to pay attention, because what we are going to explain now is going to lead you to buy the best security screen Perth for your home.

The Basics:

security-screenThere’s a saying that if a product is good, it’s because the source is also good – and this is the simple principle which will define the method we about to use. If you want high-quality products, then you need to buy them from HQ companies – it’s pretty easy to digest in fact. It’s extremely easy to understand, but here you have to a tad flexible with your budget, because something the highest quality comes attached to a high price – and this is especially true when we speak about security products like security screens, security doors, security cameras, and a lot more.


All you have to do is to search for the best home security companies in your area, check their websites and see their contact info, so that you can get more information on their products like security screens, which is exactly what you are looking for. This is all for this article, we hope you enjoyed it!

A Car Accident in New York City?

As it seems, you have been a victim from a car accident in New York City. Well, these are not so rare to happen in the USA, and in NYC they seem to happen quite often. But you don’t have to worry a lot about it, because if you follow the steps we are going to share in just a few moments, you will be able to get a reliable accident lawyer nyc to help you with this problem.

If you want to get a compensation for the injuries you might have suffered, along with the damage done to your car, then you should stick to reading this article, because what we are going to talk about will allow you to get a good accident lawyer nyc, in order to get the compensation you really deserve.


1240112_489471801143989_82925885_n-e1377382669729You should never take these cases with no importance at all. Accident lawyers don’t bill you in fact, they only bill you if the case is won. This is something you must watch out. A reliable car accident lawyer will solely request a payment once the case is won. This is something you must remember, because this is how professional and experienced lawyers work. And guess what? If you want to win this case, then you need to have a lawyer who’s:

  1. Largely experienced in car accidents
  2. A lawyer who has been prepared to deal with this kind of case
  3. A lawyer who belongs to a team of excellent reputation

These are the things you need to watch out if you want to win this case, because your lawyer is the single most important element, because he will be the responsible of your success, so choose carefully so that you can pick the right choice.

Importance of Building Codes

The quality of a building is checked whether it is built according to the law and regulations regulated by the codes prepared by ICC or IBC. It is the codes that ensure that the building is secure and you can easily get the insurance of that building. Building codes is very important because of the following reasons:

  • Building has a complex structure. Even the building owner cannot be sure about the reliability of the building. The buildings are long lived; therefore, the owners must confirm that they follow all the codes.
  • It is important for the safety of the people living in the building or the people living close to the building.
  • In case of fire or any natural disasters, if the codes are followed, the building will have exit signs. The exit signs will guide the residents to the exit if the building is about to building-codescollapse. IBC Compliant exit signage is very important. It is specific type of a sign as recommended by ICC. It works if the power is down and the generator is not working. They are visible from a distance in various directions.
  • Besides safety from disasters, it helps to maintain the building.
  • It also maintains a facility desirable for a better community.
  • During any type of an emergency, it enables rescue personnel to rescue people, despite of any disability.
  • Insurance is also easy to get a very reasonable cost because following the code means that the building will not be damaged and is reliable.

Above mentioned are only some very basic points why building codes are significant. This also makes all the building in the states uniformly built following the standards of construction. It provides a safe environment for the residents. Therefore, if you are purchasing or constructing a building, then make sure it follows all the codes.


Best Car Seats for Infants

There are so many different baby car seats available in the market that parents get confused about which one to buy and which is the most suitable for their child, it is an extremely important decision and as a parent you just have to get it right because the safety of your child is depending on your decision,

If you have ever tried to install car seats in your car all by yourself then you must know that it is a challenging task and to get the measurements and installation right is hard, because it needs to be perfect otherwise the seat will not survive any sort of impact and that is dangerous if you are traveling on a seat that is not fit to perfection and imagine that happening with your baby’s seat, baby seats are different and designed to hold the baby firmly.Product-Safety1st-onBoard35InfantCarSeat1

Do not be worried about making the perfect choice because there is no one single perfect choice, if you have installed one seat which suits your baby perfectly and the baby is having a safe and cozy travel, then that particular seat is perfect choice no matter what company made it is, if someone tries to convince you that oh you have bought the wrong model or anything else, don’t just go around replacing your baby’s seat because someone told you that there is a company making better seats.

Car seat reviews 2016 conclude that there is no single top notch seat but there are a couple of really good companies making some of the most comfortable, you must always consider a few things before you go out buying a car seat, most importantly your requirement and your budget must always be kept in mind rather than chasing brands and names.

Let’s Style With the Lifejacket

Newborn lifejacketscan add style to your child, with its numerous variations. Don’t just assume it as something that is required to protect your child, but it means much more. It can add life to the child’s time in the water. The lifejackets can be amazingly diverse with their style and color. The jacket comes in numerous variations that can give a trendy look to your newborn. It can become a symbol of style. The life jackets come in vibrant colors and eye catching styles. So, if you are going to buy a newborn life jacket, you may check for the following styles in the lifejackets:

  1. Pullover style Jacket
  2. Side – entry style Jackets
  3. Zipper style Jackets

10414643Pull over style jacket:

Pull over style jacket is considered a convenient and easy to wear type of life jacket. It is easy to wear because; it has a hollow place created on the top to slide the head through it. It is then fitted with the belts that tie the jacket along the body, fitting it properly and not letting it slip down.

Side entry style jacket:

The jacket is open from the sides. Instead of the front or the back buckles it is fitted with an opening to one side. The one who has to wear it slides himself into the jacket from the side fixing his head in the top region. The belts are then tied. The more sophisticated types are attached with zips on the side

Zipper style jacket:

These jackets are similar to the usual jacket wear. They are front open. The zippers are fitted on the front making them easy to wear and remove. The zips are good add-on only if they are of good quality, otherwise they need early repair.

Things to Looks for Before Buying a House

It is easy to look for the houses for sale Edmonton, but the buyer has to inspect vigilantly before buying the new place house. Sometimes everything looks fine, but there are numerous repairs required by the new accommodation. The points to be taken into account are as follows:

  1. Before stepping into the house make it confirm that you had a close look at the roofing. Roof means protection. It refers to shelter. It has to stay intact, if you want to breathe safely under it. The newer the roofing, the longer the age of the building is going to be. Check the material used in the roof.
  2. Don’t get impressed by the paint used. It can be used to hide many faults in the building. Keep a very close professional eye on the painted walls that might be hiding the old appliances, loose wires, etc. Do check for the seepage as the best paint may chip off if there is a lot of humidity in the building.
  3. Heating and cooling systems are expensive, but they are essential to make you feel comfortable throughout the years. The furnace must not be too old, but instead ask for an updated version.5ae99499a9baef2bb34a9e1fb81234af
  4. It is essential to have a close look at what lies beneath the sinks, and even the floors. The leaking pipes can be a great problem in the long term. It not just wastes an important resource, but also results in stinky interiors and even contributes to the health hazards.
  5. It is important to know the nature of land on which the building is erected. The surroundings have so many answers to it. The buyer must keep an account of the accidents like fire, flooding etc to decide how safe the place is going to be.