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MMF is a non-profit organization that provides business training, loans, and one-on-one support to people throughout Western North Carolina who want to start, expand, or strengthen a small business.

Since our founding in 1989, nearly 1,800 aspiring entrepreneurs across the 12 most Western counties of North Carolina have benefitted from MMF’s small business training and start-up capital. There are now more than 900 open businesses owned by MMF Alumni.

Do you want to do what you love? Make your own hours and your own decisions. Come to a free information session to learn how MMF can assist you in becoming your own boss.

animated_221204Begin with MMF’s Foundations Business Planning Program, which helps you answer the key questions for Rotating Image Gallerystarting or expanding your business. Our ten-week program meets for three hours each week, at times and locations convenient to your schedule. The cost is affordable, ranging from $35 – $300, depending on your income and education. Turn your dreams, experiences, and skills into practical, doable steps that lead to financial independence. For more information on our programs, please visit our Aspiring Entrepreneurs page.

Cloud Based Storage Increases Work Efficiency

If you have access to a computer and if you save a lot of essential data on your system then you are fully aware of cloud based data storage concept that allows saving all your data in a remote cloud storage that provides you access to your information from anywhere. All you need to gain access to your stores data is an internet connection and your password that you set up while signing up for a cloud based data storage. Surveys have been conducted to figure out the advantages of a cloud based storage for businesses over conventional methods of storing information. According to the conclusions of these surveys, more than 50% businesses have gained advantage over their competitors by using online storage facilities due to increased efficiency of using this data from anywhere at all times for their businesses. The cloud market is a serious investment that is gaining momentum steadily with an expected milestone of reaching $244 billion. There are several reasons why people choose cloud storage for their personal and business uses.

The most convenient aspect of cloud storage is its usability. Users can easily download data from cloud storage to their local systems at any time when you need regardless of the operating system you own because these files can be stored in Mac and regular PCs all the same. This allows people to use the files easily without having to use any conversion software. Not only use them but also view them within storage windows and share the data with others when there is such a need. This brings us to the next advantage of completely eliminating the steps of uploading and emailing entire files to every person you need to send the files to. Instead, you can easily send them a link to your online folder so they can download directly from the storage.

The Best Tips: Make Your Teeth Look Better

If you are concerned that your teeth look ugly, then instead of blaming life and asking why this happened to you, you should take action and do something to fix it. That’s it. We will help you with it, because this new blog post is for people who are ready to improve their dental health.

Try This Remedy:

If you have yellow teeth, then you should know that you can get rid of this color without a lot of effort at all. It’s important to don’t smoke or drink alcohol regularly – nor eat lots of sugar – remember this please.

You basically only need two things: apple cider vinegar and warm water.

Grab a big glass and pour warm water in it. Then add a 1 ½ spoonful of this vinegar. Mix it with the spoon and then proceed to use this little mix as a mouthwash. Do this every night.

Every session should last, at least, 10-15 minutes. This will whiten your enamel and make your teeth truly beautiful.

This remedy requires persistence, so you should practice it every night, or at least 5 days a week. It’s simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money, not even $1 USD per day!

Request Help:

If you live in Suffolk County, then you should Visit Our Office. Sometimes we need professional help, especially if we are dealing with serious issues regarding our dental health.

It’s important to consult with a dentist, because something as simple as cavities can affect our help. They can make it a real pain in your life to eat.

So you should know when it’s the time to request help. If you experience a lot of pain and discomfort, then it’s about time to visit our office in Suffolk County.

Things You Should Know Before Going For Medical Insurance

In a constantly evolving world in which pretty much everything around us, good or bad, is evolving. Having insurances is a right way to stay ahead in one way or another; there are a lot of insurances that are available for people to buy. Insurances like; life insurance, car insurance, and a couple of others have become very, very common. One common insurance is known as medical insurance that makes sure that in times of medical assistant, the insurance is there in order to take care of a couple of things. For those who don’t know, medical insurances usually are there in order to cover the cost of hospital bills and a lot of other costs too. Believe it or not, some insurance go as far as covering prescription drugs. A great example of medical insurance is Medicare supplement insurance.

With that said, if you are planning on going for a medical insurance, below are some of the things you should know about.

Medical Insurance May Not Cover Everything

Diagram of medicare

You should now that there are cases in which the medical insurance doesn’t cover every single thing, and while it is definitely a bummer, you should also know that the reason they do not cover somethings is either because they are too expensive, or there’s something else. Still, that’s no reason to not go for a medical insurance.

Your Own Doctor May Not Be Covered
Another thing about medical insurances is that there are chances that the insurance may not cover the doctor of your choice, now before you completely exclude it off of your list, you should also know that there are different types of medical insurances, so while some may not cover your doctors, the other may give you the flexibility to choose them.

Thinking About Hiring a Property Management Company? Here Are Some Mistakes You Should Avoid

For those who don’t know, property management companies are basically companies that provide property managers to clients that are willing to have their properties look after, and while it may seem like a ridiculous idea, having a property manager looking after your property is actually a very wise decision, not only do they help in taking care of your property, but if you decide to put your property up for renting, they even help you bring in the best tenants that pay on time, and rent for a longer time than usual.

With that said, having a property management Gold Coast can either be good, or bad, and that is something that depends on how good the property manager is. With that said, if you are finally convinced that hiring a property manager is a good thing, you should go ahead, but before you do that, take a look at some of the mistakes below, and avoid them when doing so.

Going for the Cheapest Option

Even though there is no standard fee charged by the property managers, you should know that there will be a very small margin, however, some unlicensed companies will offer you really cheap prices, and it is always better to stay away from these companies.

Hiring Without References

References are as important as it gets, when you are hiring a property manager, ask them to provide you with all the references they have, and only then make a decision. It’s always better to know that the property manager you are about to work with has had a good history with other clients as well, and this will only help you make up your mind faster, and will give you the peace of mind.

The Advantage of Changing Your Address Using USPS Online Form

United States Postal Service, or commonly known as USPS is one of the main postal services in the States, it is highly regarded by a lot of people as well as businesses who ship products to their customers through USPS; the service is fairly economical, and does the job quickly. With that said, it’s safe to say that a lot of people has put USPS in charge when it comes to handling their mails as well as all the posts and packages that come their way, this is done by submitting your credentials such as your home address, your phone number, and other important details that are asked by USPS. With that said, there comes a time when someone requires to change an address just because they have to move to a different area, or a city. In old days, the process was kind of slow, but thanks to all the advancement, you can do it online through US postal service change of address form free. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

Ease of Access

Whether you are moving to a new area or a city, if you need to change the address, you can do so by simply heading over to the USPS website, getting a hold of their form that costs you less than $2 in order to verify that the person who’s requesting this is legit, then you can get put in your new address along with other details and submit it. That’s all. Just make sure that you fill in all the necessary information in the form as it will be requiring you to input a lot of details, be clear and absolute about it, and make sure you don’t make mistakes in the for itself.

Questions You Should Ask a Bookkeeper Before Hiring Them

A bookkeeper is basically a person who is responsible for keeping track of all the financial statements that occur in the business; major or minor, pretty much ever financial transaction goes through the bookkeeper, and obviously being a bookkeeper is certainly not an easy thing. With that said, if you are running a business, whether it’s a small scale business or large scale one, there is no absolutely no way of denying that you are not in need of a bookkeeper, after all, they help the business survive and thrive.

If you are finally convinced on hiring a bookkeeper, there are some obvious questions that you should ask them; these questions will more or less determine whether or not you should hire the bookkeeper. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the questions you should ask a bookkeeper before hiring them.

Their Qualifications

While most states don’t require a bookkeeper to have a license in order to work without a hassle, a lot of other states do. Whether or not it’s necessary in your line of work or state, you should still ask the bookkeeper about all of their qualifications in order to have a better understanding about just how good they are. Do keep in mind that the more qualified a bookkeeper, the better they will be serving you.

Their Experience

When hiring a Bookkeeper Southampton, always make sure that you ask their experience and how long they have been in this field. In addition to that, don’t be shy when it comes to asking them about their previous employers, and how it went with them. Doing this will actually give you a proper insight about how it is like to work with them, and what can you expect.

The Installation of Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs are mandated by law and you would see them in almost every establishment, whether it is any mall or an office, all public and private organization are directed to install fire exits signs on places where they are obvious and visible.  These fire exit signs have the most obvious and sensible meaning and they direct people towards the nearest exit in case of fire, these exit door are in places where in case of any fire, the impact would reach last, the fire exits help people in the most panic situations and guide them outside the building which has caught fire.

Fire exit signs are not the only signs installed at any building, there are prohibitory and warning signs which make people aware of the dangers that are caused, we often see signs like highly inflammatory, this is a warning sign that people must be really careful at these places and never light up a smoke or something like that, and fire exit signs are as crucial as these, if you have opened up your business and haven’t installed these signs yet then do so now, even before you start your operations, the authorities are really strict about imposing the law and they make sure that every employer complies and provides a safe and healthy working employment to its employees and workers.

If you want all kinds of health and safety signs anywhere in UK, then you must log onto, the company has all kinds of signs, safety clothes, first aid kit, cones and barriers which are always required at a working site, especially a factory and a construction site, minimize the damage and risk by buying the right product and do so from the right online store to get the best product.

The Furniture You Can Carry to Any Picnic Spot

If you are thinking that how can someone carry furniture to a picnic spot and it sounds absurd? But if you are familiar with air-sofa then you wouldn’t have been surprised because it is a great alternative to any sofa or mattress, the air-sofa is excellent is satisfying resting and seating requirements, the 5 in 1 queen size sofa cum bed is a full kit which takes shapes of a sofa as well as a bed, the inflatable air lounges and sofas have given us a luxury which can be taken anywhere, one can take comfortable naps and take rest in the wilderness as well.

Before the introduction of inflatable air sofas, we didn’t had anything like it that we can carry with ourselves easily to any picnic spot, it is unlike the plastic pool float, the material is silky and sweat proof, so whether you are headed to any beach or your favorite camping site, air-sofas are the best furniture you can take with you.

The quick setup really makes it convenient for people, the setup is fairly straightforward and you don’t have pump your lungs to inflate it, the electrical pump is there with it, not with all of them, but if you buy the whole kit then it is always available and a part of it. is the website where you can find all the relevant information about air sofas, customer reviews and price comparison, log on to to read more about air-sofas, maybe there is an excellent usage tip which will be really helpful for you, if you are able to buy the top brand air sofas like LayBag & Chillax Air mattress then you wouldn’t face common issues like air leakage and issues with the electrical pump.

What You Need to Know About Burning Fat

You have the right goal I may say.Because instead of focusing solely on weight loss, like most people do, you are focusing on burning fat. And that’s awesome. Because it means you really understand the problem.

But the question comes right here: how can you burn fat effectively? Ok, it’s not so easy to answer, but we have done our best to provide you with a brief yet enlightening answer. Read it and discover it.

Fat Is Not Your Enemy.

A lot of people tend to think that eating fat is bad, especially if you want to lose BODY fat. That’s completely wrong in fact. You MUST eat fat in order to be healthy, otherwise you will start experiencing lots of problems. That’s something most people won’t tell you about, because they only listen to the official advice of the fitness industry.

So get your facts right and understand that fat is not your enemy. It’s a powerful ally which will allow you to sculpt a nice-looking body and feel better than ever before. Because if you want to perform at your best at work and at the hour of working out, then you need to eat plenty of fats.

Supplements Are Great.

Whey protein can help you a lot with your gains. The same goes for creatine. With as little as 5-7gr per day of creatine you can develop more strength, burn more fat and build more muscle. It seems like the perfect supplement. And there’s another one named Forina Pure. It’s pretty good actually. It’s not so expensive and has been proven to work with fat loss, so you should consider purchasing it and giving it a try, we are pretty sure that it will offer you very good results.

Complete Your DIY Projects With These Plastics

Island Plastics has a wide customer base that includes all kinds of people dealing in plastics whether they are corporate industries or the orders are for residential purposes. Single order or in bulk, all orders are given equal importance where they are carried out with expertise and professionalism. So far they have dealt with a large client base that has included customers that wanted a plastic kitchen splashback as well as clients that required specific plastic pieces for their bulk orders. Whatever your plastic based need is, the company is fully equipped to handle all kinds of orders. If you want to build or replace your greenhouse or shed, get customized picture frames built, make plastic table tops or have any other thing in mind, you can contact the company and get your plastic pieces within a reasonable time delivered to your place. The variation in the type of plastics the company deals in allows you to be more creative if you want to use specific plastic type your project. You don’t need to worry about from where you can get the material, all you need to do is design it out and enter the specifications with the company. This option is hassle free and allows the people to have some peace of mind regarding procuring plastic materials for their projects: commercial or otherwise.

Acrylic sheets are particularly in demand with people that work with plastics. Island Plastics can provide these sheets to the customers in many colors and sizes as per their requirements. You can also opt from a range of opaque, transparent and clear plastic sheets. Not just sheets, the company can deliver acrylic tubes, rods and other shapes as well. It is quite time saving if you get all the parts you need precut and delivered right to your doorstep.

The Best Condos in Toronto Are in Aquabella

Well, as it seems you are searching for the best condos here in Toronto. We have an excellent recommendation for you: Aquabella condos. But on this article we will explain you why we recommend this project, so you can analyze it and see why it offers the best value to its purchasers like you.

Price Are Unbelievable:

One of the most attractive aspects of these condos is the price, which is quite low in fact. Well, it’s not exactly super cheap but in comparison to houses it’s largely more affordable, and even when compared to other options in the city.

And don’t worry, because this affordable price is not the result of being located in a bad zone, it’s just because the managers of the Aquabella condos project have understood how competitive the market is, so reducing the price is a good strategy.

Beyond Boundaries:

What we love about Aquabella condos is that they do offer more than they say. For example, the swimming pool is excellent and can be accessed by you or any other member of your family. On top of that, it also comes with a gym which will be solely be used by you, your family or any other member of the condominium.

So if you would like to get access to all these benefits, then all you need to do is to get your own condo from Aquabella, we can tell you from now that it’s going to be an excellent investment that will radically change your life for better.


We have arrived to our last section. We would like to thank you for going this far, and we sincerely hope this blog post helped you, now you have a great option where to buy your condo from.

Things You Need to Tell The Website Developer You Hire

Gone are the days when owning a website used to be a thing of luxury, thanks to a lot of different platforms, everyone can create their own website using several different platforms like Word Press, and Blogger. However, if you want something professional, let’s say something you are going to use for business purposes, you will have to hire a website developer that can Criação de sites baratos for you. Hiring a web developer isn’t a difficult task anymore, you can simply walk into any website creating company, give them your budget, your specifics, and you will have your website ready in no time. With that out of the way, if you are actually going to hire a website developer, then there are obviously somethings you need to keep in mind, and somethings you need to tell them so they can work on your project without any hassle. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

The Website Specifics

While it may be true that website developers are like magicians, they are certainly not mind readers. Yes, web developers are highly talented and can bring a brilliant, and sophisticated looking website to life, they still need the client to at least give them specifics about the website they want. Clients think that the web developers are smart enough to take all the guesses, but that’s just not true.

How You Want The Website to Look

To avoid a complete disaster, make sure you tell the web developer about how you want the website to look, almost all the designers will show you some templates you can choose from, and will design your website accordingly, but do keep in mind that you can still make some amendments if you like, but do remember to tell the developer.

Making Your Restaurant The Real Bomb

You want to make your business insanely more popular, and that’s actually excellent. Because thanks to this article you will discover how you can make it happen. It’s a lot easier than you think, you just need the right mindset and you will get it.


You will need to invest. For starting off you should go ahead and hire a web designer to build a nice website for you. You need to join the internet club if you want to make money, because in the internet you can find lots of potential clients.

You’ll need help with this, so your best move here is to affiliate yourself with a digital marketing agency. They will know how to handle your campaign and provide you the best results. It’s that simple. If you want to make your restaurant the real bomb, then you need to invest into internet marketing, there’s no other way around it. If you don’t invest in the internet, then you won’t have the growth you could.

But make sure to select a decent agency, because a bad one will only make things worse for you. Spend your time filtering options and finally pick the one that appeals you the most and actually offers you a great solution.


Offline marketing can also work very well for you. You just need to work it from the right angle. For example hiring spinner signs is a good idea nowadays. Because it will allow you to drive new clients to your restaurant. You can also opt for a human billboard, or maybe a human billboards and spinner signs!

You have many ways to advertise your business and make it the bomb. So just take action and make your restaurant a real success in your area.

Toilets And Designs?

Well, folks, you may not believe it but toilets do come in different designs. Starting from different heights going deep to different depths of the water level to minimize water splash as much as possible, to different colors, sizes and materials. But which one to choose from? Well, to make that bit a tad easier for you, I have some best toilets listed here in this very article.

The best thing would be to get something suitable for your toilet. And by that, I mean the space of your bathroom. You do not want to be stuck with a huge toilet in a tiny bathroom. The second best thing to look at would be the water level and height. How tall is it and how deep the water is. Remember, the deeper it is, the less splashy it is.

One of the things that go unnoticed in toilets is very ironic because that would be the dire need of it. How biologically beneficial it is. For that purpose, you will find some best toilets listed here; and number one will be Squatty Potty.

Squatty Potty has gained fame over the internet. It is designed to help you excrete as much stool as possible by helping you to clench your intestine just using certain positioning aspects.

Other than that would be a toilet with a panel. It seems redundant but you would be surprised as to how many essential functions like drying, heating, etc are present in that control panel.

While some best toilets listed here in the article may be a part of your choice, it does not mean the world is limited to these. Everyone has different ways of designing their bathrooms. Like the Sultan of Brunei with his gold covered toilets. Even the toilet seats are of gold!

List of Services Offered by Eco Clean Floor Care

Eco Clean Floor Care is a well-known company around the areas of Loughborough, Leicester and Nottingham as these are where its offices are located. Go to to get the exact locations. It is a well-reputed business which has been in the market since 10 years or so.

Their goal is to provide the locals and other people over United Kingdom with satisfactory cleaning services. They promise to use environment safe products and equipment. The company guarantees that the products are safe for children and pet. You can visit the website or continue reading the article to know about the services offered by the company.

Carpet Cleaning


Other carpet cleaning companies use water and other liquids to clean carpets which lead to color fading or shrinking of the carpet. The best thing about Eco Clean Floor Care’s carpet cleaning is that they deep clean a carpet which means that no water is use. Even though it is not cleaned with water, your carpet would feel as good as new after they are done with it. They use cleaning products which are environment safe. The company is accredited and trained by Woolsafe which means that they know how to clean wool carpets properly.

Upholstery Cleaning

An attractive point about this service is that they offer free inspection of your furnishing which means you can get a fixed price before you hire them. They use deep cleaning for all your upholstery which leaves them dry and clean. It is necessary to get your furnishings cleaned every other month as dirt accumulates and odors settle in.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Eco Clean Floor Care offers to clean every kind of stone surface using high-tech equipment and all the modern techniques like they clean with cheetah pucks with diamond tips to clean the floor faster and effectively.

To get information about their services, visit their website

When Looking For a Realtor

There are a couple of really important things that one must be mindful of when looking for a realtor, most importantly you must ensure that they are licensed, have the experience and the best ones are the local ones, the issue with the real estate agents is that it is really easy to get into this industry and people who don’t have much experience also try their luck as part time or even full time realtors, but it is unlikely that they would strike a brilliant deal and or help you get the right value for your property, Real estate Blue Ridge GA has some very trusted realtors who have been a part of this local market for decades and have been helping people buy and sell properties for years now.

Recommendations are always helpful when it comes to finding the right real estate agent and professional recommendation must always be taken from different sources, if you get the right real estate agent then it would a blessing as they will assist you in a lot of things, but if somehow you get in contact with the wrong realtor then you will face a lot of issues, someone who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience of the local market would not be able to get you a better deal, and it will be a lesson for you.

Donna O’Neal is the realtor to go to in Blue Ridge GA, she has been helping people get their desired destination in North Georgia Mountains and has the reputation to get her customers good deals, and help them in finding the right kind of home which would not only accommodate them perfectly but will be bought at the right market price, remember the name when you start looking at realtors in Blue Ridge GA.

Is Your PC Under Attack? It’s Time To Fight Back!

If you think your PC is under attack, then you need to fight back! You cannot allow a virus or hacker to take possession of what belongs to you. If you would like to know how you can protect your PC from these common threats, then this article will be a great starting point for you.


The first thing to do is to analyze what’s going on with your PC.
A good way to do so is by executing the MSMPENG.exe file from Windows, because it will see if your PC has been infected by Spyware and take care of it if needed.

If you have problems with such file, then you should go ahead and read this blog which talks about this issue: msmpeng exe high disk usage. It will explain you what to do if your PC isn’t reacting very well with that file. It’s pretty much what you need to get it to work and get your PC away from the hackers and viruses.

Take Action:

It’s about time to install a good anti-virus program. Our personal favorite is ESET. It’s not so expensive and gets the job done. It will analyze your PC in further detail and on top of that it will clean all problematic files and viruses.

Another good and solid option is Norton security. This comes for free if you buy an HP machine, so if you have an HP desktop or laptop, you will save some bucks in the first year.

That’s all you need to know in fact. What you need to do is to take action. Make sure you analyze your PC very well and then install a good anti-virus. It will take care of most of your problems in fact.

Assign Roles According To Staff Experience

When people hire staff from an agency for their upcoming event, they tend to divide duties randomly without looking into the fact that every person is different. All the people in the staff cannot be the same. So, you need to divide duties according to their expertise. Some may be better at handling high pressure duties than the others and some might not be too good with serving the guests but excel at backend jobs in an event like in the kitchen. The best event staffing in Toronto like Bartendo also encourages people to assign work according to the people you are hiring to get the best out of the event. This way there is much less chance of you running into any issue from the staff side. So knowing the strengths as well as weaknesses of your staff beforehand will always work to your advantage so set some time aside to manage your hired staff before your event.

One of the most important points to remember while hiring staff from anywhere for your event is to realize that it is a team effort and everyone needs to work together as one team. If even of the people on the team doesn’t get along or has an issue with working together with other members and your own staff on the managing team then you have a problem. So let all the staff members meet and ensure they all know the importance of working together to make the event a success. Be very straightforward in hiring people and let the ones that don’t blend in. go because it is never worth ruining your event over staff issues. If your event is related to a brand, give your brand a thought and figure out what kind of staff is going to suit your brand. Don’t forget they are the first people your potential clients are going to come in contact with during the event.

The Cons of 3D Pens

3D printers have been growing more and more popular in different fields of life like fashion, construction, dentistry and even medicine. This does not really come as a surprise given how cheap 3D printing is. 3D printing can save hundreds of dollars and remove material and labor costs, so the advantages of 3D printing are endless.

Recently, 3D printer pens have been introduced and they seem to be growing as a trend as well. 3D printing pens use thermoplastic to create designs. You use the 3D printing like you would a standard pen but the air is your canvas, the thermoplastic is exuded which cools down and settles into the design you are aiming for. A number of websites like compare various 3D pen models and designs, in case you are interested.

While 3D pen happen to share some of the advantages of 3D printers, they have their share of disadvantages as well which we will be discussing below.

Since 3D pens require you to use your hands and design on literally thin air as you go, the chances of your design being imperfect are very likely and the chances of your hands shaking or some other human error can also cause mistakes, so your model will not be as accurate as you wish it to be.

It will still be relatively easier to create small designs, but bigger and thick models which will require more infill, can become a source of frustration for people and will result in gaps in the required infill area.

If you do not buy the right 3D pen model, you will end up using a heavy, non-versatile pen and a pen without proper speed settings can be an issue for amateurs since the filament will be exuding faster than the speed of the designer. So, picking the right 3D pen model is essential to control as many potential problems as possible, you can consult for a better idea on which model will best suit your needs.

Questions You Need to Ask a Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are basically lawyers who are expert when it comes to family law and for those who don’t know, family law involves matters like divorce, family problems, as well as issues such as division of property, and no other lawyer can handle and understand these issues better than a family lawyer. So, keeping those aspects in mind, a family lawyer is as important as things can get. Speaking of lawyers in general, check out, they can help you with lawyers who have expertise in several fields including St. Louis DWI lawyer for more information on some of the finest lawyers available at your disposal.

If you are about to hire a family lawyer, chances are that your mind is riddled with all sorts of questions, and it is completely normal to have those questions in your mind. Below are some of the questions you need to ask a family lawyer before hiring them.

What’s Their Experience

Obviously the most important question you would want to ask the family lawyer you’re about to hire is asking them about their experience. The reason why this question is important is because family law is as important is because as compared to other laws, this is a bit on the complicated side with a lot of aspects, and things to consider.

What’s the Payment Option

Another important question you need to ask a family lawyer is about the payment option; you should know that most lawyers charge based on an hour, or they work on a retainer. For those who don’t know what a retainer is, it’s basically a fee that is paid in advance in order to get the services from a lawyer, and by law, most lawyers either charge by hour, or work on a retainer. You should always discuss this with your lawyer beforehand in order to avoid any confusion.