Trading Diabetes Strips

If you are someone who has had to treat diabetes you might just have a steady supply of diabetes testing strips, which in some cases might go unopened before you end up using them and before you get even more diabetes testing strips. If this is the case with you then instead of having to waste the testing strips and just throwing them away you can get some cash for diabetic test strips instead by simply selling them to the For Diabetes Program so that it will be more easily available to all the people who really need to test for diabetes but cannot afford to do it as regularly as they should be testing it.

The way the For Diabetes program works is that you can contact them on their web page, found at, and then arrange to have your diabetes strips sold to them. The only requirements for the diabetes strips is that they must not be used or opened, and must not have crossed their expiry date. How you end up with any extra diabetes strips is of no consequence as it does not really matter. The reason the For Diabetes program exists is because this is a great way to help those people who need to get access to diabetes strips but cannot afford to do so.

With quite a lot of people diabetes strips and tests are not included in their health and medical insurance agreements. This means that they usually have to end up buying them from pharmacies at extremely high prices, and they may not be able to keep testing as much as they are required to. By selling to this program you will ensure that cheap and easily available diabetes testing strips are made accessible to all the people who desperately need them.