Things You Should Look For in a Good Radio Controlled Airplane

To be honest with you, radio controlled airplanes are not all that easy to purchase just as they are not extremely simple to fly. You need a little bit more knowledge before you can just go and buy one, unlike RC motor cars, which is why you should read up this whole article.

The Different Versions of RC Planes

The first thing you should know is what level of expertise do you stand at. These babies come in 4 different versions, usually; Plug and Play, Bind and Play, Almost Ready to Fly and Ready to Fly.

The first one lets you use any receiver along with the transmitter of your choosing. The second type, similar to the first one, lets you bind or synchronize any compatible transmitter. The third one allows you to play around with building things like engine installation and radio control gear, if you enjoy working in machines and the last one comes ready for you to take out of the box and fly, which is recommended for beginners.

Battery, Weight, Dimensions

The next thing you should look for is how powerful the battery is to know how long will it last. Usually about 20 minutes is considered good. The weight depends on your preference and if you are knowledgeable about aerodynamics than you can compare that with the dimensions. They can range from 1 to 10 pounds in weight, where you might want to take in the wind conditions into account. Finally, the dimensions are good to know to evaluate how big a plane do you want to fly.


Finally, you need to know how high and far it can fly. Usually the top radio controlled toys come with a 2.4GHz transmitter radio technology which is considered quite good.