Roadside Safety

The roads of the United States of America are not quite as safe as you would think they are. We do not mean this from a point of street crimes and robbery, rather how unsafe it is for the average American to walk around on the sidewalk or legally cross a road without being in danger of being in a pedestrian accident.

The rate of fatality that is caused by pedestrian accidents is also really high, in California alone there were 701 deaths caused because of a pedestrian accident in 2017 alone, which is the highest number in any state although not the highest per capita. However the state in individual cities is also pretty bad, especially places like Los Angeles, which suffered around 76 death because of pedestrian accidents. In fact, in the United States as a whole, four thousand to five thousand people die annually because of pedestrian accidents. The number escalates to 60,000 when counting all the people who were caught up in an accident but did not die. The injuries sustained from the accidents have, however, been quite severe in a lot of cases and people have been stuck in hospitals and ended up with huge medical bills.

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