Egg Shell Mattress Pads

Is your mattress starting to feel more and more uncomfortable with each summer that comes along? Chances are that’s because the foam of your mattress is getting softer with each passing year; eventually, your back will start sinking into the surface of your mattress and since foam retains your body heat, you’ll start feeling hot and possibly wake up sweating. This is actually a leading cause of sleepless nights all around the world, in places where temperatures go above 35 degrees, but fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, which is far cheaper than having to buy a brand new king sized mattress for your bed: mattress pads!

Mattress pads are cleverly designed sheets that you lay on top of your mattress and under your bedsheet to insulate your back better and guarantee you a good night’s sleep. These mattress pads are made of foam that doesn’t trap body heat so your back stays cool and also adds a certain degree of physical comfort to your bed; some mattress pads have a very interesting ‘egg shell’ texture on them that’s not only going to guarantee that your back gets air to breathe but also physically stimulates your back in ways that are proven to be medically beneficial for your back.

The egg shell grooves on the pad’s surface stimulates the pressure points of your back, helping you to chase the day’s many fatigues away and massage you to sleep. You can learn more about egg shell mattress pads as well as other kinds of mattress pads that you’ll find in the market, along with prices and customer reviews over at

Once you’ve read a bit more about the many health and comfort benefits that you can enjoy from owning a mattress pad, your summers will be a whole lot more blissful.