Different Fool Proof Ways To Make A Girl Confess That She Likes You

It is a common fact that girls are complex creatures and their frequencies are not the same as boys. Even though the thought process of a girl and a guy is poles apart, these two genders cannot live without each other and are the happiest when they are together. There are many important things in life like money, education, travelling but the most important of them all is love from which you can obtain peace and happiness.

If you think that a girl likes you but you are not sure then read the guide below as it will tell you how to make sure that the girl likes you and it will give the answer to your question of how to tell if a girl likes you.

Rate of Communication
Decrease your rate of communication; do not text her all the time and sometimes do not text her for a day or two. If she really likes you, she will get worried about you getting aloof and might confess her admiration.

Make Her Jealous
The best way to get a girl to confess her feelings is that you start hanging out with some other girl and make sure to publicize your hang outs; post about it on social media etc. An important step is to talk about your hang outs with your friends and with friends of your crush. This is a good point to implement the rule of decrease of rate of communication because the girl will think that you are ignoring her for the other chick and she will start getting jealous. If you continue the pretense for long, we guarantee that she will break and will definitely open up about her feelings for you.