Are Free Screen Recording Apps Worth It?

If you are looking for apps that would allow you to record the screen of your iPhone in the best way possible, you might think that paid apps are the way to go. After all, the logic behind these apps is that since you have to pay to use them they are obviously going to be much better options for you in the long run. This is not the case at all, however. In truth, paid apps may be great but they are often overpriced because they are the result of an app developer that is trying to cash in on their brand.

In most cases, free apps that record your screen are going to be just as adept at the job. The misconception is that they are free because they are not good, but the truth is that they are free because they come from app developers that are still trying to make their name and are offering their apps for free to this end. Additionally, a lot of app developers see the benefits of a freemium model. They would allow you to download their screen recording apps and would charge you if you want to use features such as screen sharing and the like.

Some of the best free apps to record iPhone & iPad’s screen are Airshou and Vidyo. Since these are free apps, the developers are less inclined to provide unnecessary features meant to provide flashiness rather than actual functionality. Hence, these apps are going to take up a lot less processing power, and are thus going to work a lot faster and more efficiently as well. It is safe to say that going for a free app makes a lot more sense than spending money on something you don’t even need.

What Should Your WiFi Password Be?

If you are setting up a new internet connection, one of the most important decisions you are going to have to make has to do with your WiFi password. This is the first line of defense that would prevent people from accessing your internet for free. This is something that you are paying good money for, so it is not fair that some would end up accessing it without pitching in with the bill.

There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that your password is as secure as possible. First of all, your password should be something that is easy for you to remember. Don’t just make it a random series of numbers and letters because you might end up forgetting it and writing your password down is counterproductive because it would reduce the level of security of your connection.

A good idea would be to use the name of someone you are close to. You can add some variations to your password by capitalizing the first letter and adding a random number at the end. Additionally, if you want to make your password impossible to crack you should try adding a birthday in numeric form at the end instead of just making it a random number.

When it comes to high quality passwords it is easy to go a little overboard and end up setting a password that leaves you locked out of your internet entirely. If this happens to you, you should try looking into a WiFi password hack. This would help you access your internet again so that you can change your password. Next time, try to make your password a little simpler. Find a balance between simplicity and complexity so that you are safe from intruders but have easy access for yourself.

Necessary Printer Features

thing about printers these days is that they come with a lot of different features, and which of these features you end up choosing can have an enormous impact on your experience overall. The more features that a printer is going to have, the more expensive it is going to be. Hence, you should be careful about which features you do end up getting, because you do not want to end up spending way more than you need to on features that you are never going to end up using.

One feature that a lot of modern printers inexplicably have is the ability to send faxes. Faxes have been completely obsolete for at least half a decade, and were considered rather unnecessary and annoying for a half decade prior to that. It is safe to say that you are not going to need a machine that sends faxes at all, rather you would be better served using a machine that does not have this unnecessary feature in the first place as this would make the overall product a lot cheaper for you. Another thing you should keep in mind is the scanner feature. Scanning is something you might actually use so it is recommended that you buy a printer that has this feature. If you are buying a printer for an office this feature can be particularly useful which is why you should really consider incorporating it into your procurement process.

There are a lot of options available on the market and this might leave you feeling confused and indecisive. Luckily, you do not have to feel this way for long because TonerInk Sydney can provide you with a variety of products that run the gamut from low end to high, thus making your choice a lot easier for you.

Reasons to Use a Network Monitor

Getting network monitor software installed for your office or workplace is a great way for you to make sure that your internal computer network system is kept up to date, and is working in top condition so that work is not disturbed and productivity is not stopped. It can be a real problem when a computer network has sudden failures, irregularities, server crashes, or untimely updates, and can take a long time to figure out the problem, and the work out how to address that problem without the use of network monitor software. A total network monitor homepage will show you all the workings of the internal computer system and will tell you if any specific thing goes wrong at any point, where the error or irregularity has occurred, and even send out suggestions on how to fix it. This ensures that no unnecessary time is spent on trying to figure out what happened and then even more time spent trying to figure out how to fix it.

Another way that the network monitor can help is that it can compare the levels of productivity or different types of applications and software that are currently being used on your computer network systems and will let you know if any one of them is working inefficiently, or if any one application or software crashes regularly and holds back work productivity. This can help you decide on which services to use and which to let go of.

Finally the network monitor will also make routine reports for review so that you know how the system has worked and what the service and application performances were. The report will update you on the necessity of required upgrades and the system can make sure that all the computers and connections are working at full force, so that nothing is left behind.

Optimizing Your Mac For a Superb Performance

Did you know that you can really optimize your Mac in order to get a superior performance? There are certain things you can do to make this happen for real. And here you are, because you really want to make this become real, and this article will show you the way.

You can have what we call a superb performance if you really get into it, and the answer is within this article. That mysterious key that will bring you to a world where your Mac works just like a racing car. Are you going to take it? Because we are here to give it to you for free.

The Solution You Need So Badly
What you need to ignite your Mac and make it work like a torpedo is known as Mackeeper. It’d take too long to review it here, that’s why we invite you to read this: This review is far more complete and will deliver you all the things you need to know about this program and why you should install it.

So here you have the solution you have been craving for. But how it’s going to help? Allow me to show you how:
• It is gonna optimize your Mac, which means it’s going to make it significantly faster and more powerful
• It’s going to do it quickly and without your intervention. That’s the best thing
• The results are permanent. This app has been developed to get results that stick for the long run

So here you have it. This is why you need to install it and start using it.

Any more doubts? More questions? Then all you have got to do is to leave a comment telling us them, so we can help you. That’s all you need to do.

Everything You Need To Know About LG Ultrafine Monitors

For the new Apple MacBook, some people suggest buying an HDMI or DisplayPort monitor’s adaptor but firstly; it is expensive and secondly; it does not have all the best features of USB-C ports. Hence, your best choice in the whole market is to buy the LG Ultrafine monitors.

Now these babies came in two different forms. One is the 27” IPS display which is also known as the LG ultrafine 5k display and the other is the 21.5” inch display. Both of them are amazing and quite famous in the industry. Each day, more people are deciding to buy these monitors due to their color resolution, panel, price and more.

Since they are so popular, we have decided to provide our readers with information about both of the monitors. We have done so quite briefly but you can get more information by searching online. Without keeping you waiting further, let us have a look.

LG UltraFine 27”
It produces amazing 5k images. The native resolution is of 5120 x 2880 and the refresh rate is 60 Hz. The brightness is 500 cd/m2, color gamut is display P3 and color depth is 10bit. The viewing angels are 178°/178° horizontal/vertical and the monitor has audio speakers. The inputs of the monitor are Thunderbolt 3 and the USB hub is 3 x 5Gbps USB-C.

LG UltraFine 21.5”
The panel of the monitor is 21.5” and the native resolution is of 4096 x 2304. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and the brightness is 500 cd/m². The color gamut is display P3 and the color depth is 8bit. The viewing angels are 178°/178° horizontal/vertical and the monitor has stereo speakers. The inputs of the monitor are USB-C and the USB hub is 3 x 5Gbps USB-C.

Gaming Laptops Under $1500

Before you head out to buy a gaming laptop you need to read some reviews and take some recommendations, these are always helpful and somehow people tend to ignore the importance of reading customer review and that does not really help them in making the right decision, the first thing is to decide a budget, you cannot pick the model or anything unless you have a figure in mind, that will help you make a shortlist which is within your budget and customer reviews give an idea of pros and cons of buying a particular model.

A gaming laptopdoes not come cheap, any good model would come for a sizeable price tag so you have to get it right the very first time, if you don’t have a friend who can help you out and you yourself don’t have the right expertise then a website like can prove to be really helpful in making the right decision, the reviews at the website make it really easy for us to be aware of the best models.

A gamer would never like to compromise on their machine, and if you are one and you are planning to buy a gaming laptop then you should at least keep a budget of $1500 to buy the best laptop for gaming under $1500, this range is pretty good and almost every good brand has a model for you in this range, you can get some of the best models from the biggest manufacturers like Lenovo and Acer, Lenovo Y700 80NV0028US is under the range of $1500 and it is regarded as one of the best choice in this range, a gaming laptop needs to have the right speed and a superb graphic card more than anything else, and if you make sure that these are there in a model then you are surely getting your hands on something special.

DIY Home Security System: Is It Really Worth It?

There is no doubt that home security systems are amazing, they provide you with the utmost level of security and informs the police as soon the alarm goes off. However, the cost of installation and the maintenance of the security system is the real deal breaker. For this reason, many people turn to DIY home security systems.

You will be surprised to know about the number of people who turn to this home made system due to the installation and monthly costs that add up to the yearly costs. It is important to know that while these homemade security systems are somewhat similar to that of the professional ones, no company is monitoring the system. Of you’re considering to get a homemade security system, there are some factors that you must think about before making the final decision in order to gain maximum satisfaction of the fact the you made the right decision.

The most common and obvious advantage of a DIY home security system is that fact that it is less costly; they involve components including sensors and keypads that are easily accessible and user friendly. Moreover, the system that you install will be a wireless one unlike the professional ones that are wired into your electrical systems. Given that it wireless, you can easily take the advantage of the fact that it’s completely portable. You can even monitor it online and have mobile alerts so that you can keep an eye of your home from any location.

However, this system does not provide high level of security and there is no police involved. Moreover, you will have to pay for the repairs out of your pocket. If you’re still not convinced about the DIY home security system, you can always get the Austguard Security services alarm system Perth installed, they have the most reasonable rates.

What Makes FaceTime So Great?

The app market is flooded with millions of apps that provide all sorts of services to smartphone owners, a large majority of these apps are completely free as well, making it harder and harder for app developers to distinguish themselves. For video calling alone, there are numerous apps, all of which enable users to make free voice and video calls over the internet, FaceTime is one such app, but Facetime is a lot more popular than almost any other video calling app out there. Many people ask what makes FaceTime so great, the answer to that is simple enough; the app provides a wholesome user experience, something that many app developers often overlook.

There are many features of FaceTime that set it apart from all the other video calling apps out there, first of all, the app is able to make HD video and audio calls all over the world with very minimal chances of the call dropping or becoming hard to communicate over. Many video call apps provide jittery call quality, often their calls drop and take time to reconnect, this makes it hard to enjoy a video call and have a pleasant conversation with someone. Superior call quality is also the biggest distinguishing factor of FaceTime, but it has more to offer, the app has an elegant and simple UI that is easy to understand and use, it is well optimized, meaning that it hardly ever freezes or crashes and it is completely free.

The only downside to FaceTime was that it was only available for Apple products, but recently the app has been made available for android users as well, facetime for Android has proven to be a great success and has won the hearts of many smartphone owners through its great calling services.

The Modern File Manager

The file manager is an important tool which helps us manage different smart phones right from our laptop, we use file managers in our smart phones as well to manage the date but getting it connected and managing smart phone from your laptop has taken the file manager to another level, there are so many different file manager software that help you manage your smart phone through your laptop, among these is one really popular name of Mobogenie, it is a free windows program which enables you to manage data from your smart phone, that is done by connecting it to your laptop or pc through a data cable.

2636a50The most conventional file managers often just sync smart mobile phones to devices but mobogenie not only performs that but is also helpful in managing data, it can serve as an effective android app manager which will make your life easy by properly managing images, music, picture gallery and all the installed video players.

You don’t get a software which is completely free and offers different features, but mobogenie is completely but ad enabled and you have bear that if you are a user, that is the only price you have to pay to download and use this efficient data manager, mobogenie has given different options to the users and they like this software because it works for them and saves them from downloading multiple software for a single purpose.

Mobogenie users are convinced that this is the best data management software and transferring data has never been that easy, and the number of users it has it can only mean that mobogenie has some amazing features which other data management software have lacked and that is why it is so widely preferred over any other data management software.

A Beginner’s Guide to Android

Even if you do not know what an android exactly is, you are probably familiar with the little green robot logo or the variety of cute update names like the ‘marshmallow’ or ‘donut’ etc. The android was launched almost 9 years ago and has since then changed the face of mobile operating systems.

6Android was basically launched by google which comes installed in all android supporting devices like a number of smartphones, tablets and computers etc. which also allows you to access to Google’s own apps and services like Gmail, Maps etc.

Android systems will give you access to google play which is basically a digital marketplace where you can download various applications ranging from camera apps to music apps to games and even watching TV shows etc. The applications either come free or they have a certain price which can be paid either by credit card or by Google gift cards.

An interesting feature about android is how it is a lot more user-friendly than other operating systems like windows or IOS. They are also very customizable, ranging from wallpapers to themes and launchers, you can customize your phone according to your own tastes.

Another key feature about android systems is how it saves all your contacts for you. Every time you save a number in your phone, it is automatically backed up in your android. So, if you ever lose your phone, you do not have to worry about losing your contacts since you can access them through your Gmail account. The same principle applies to other media files as well, all you have to do is save them in the Drop Box, this way all your files are safe. For more information about Google credits and gift cards, you can visit

Is Your PC Under Attack? It’s Time To Fight Back!

If you think your PC is under attack, then you need to fight back! You cannot allow a virus or hacker to take possession of what belongs to you. If you would like to know how you can protect your PC from these common threats, then this article will be a great starting point for you.


The first thing to do is to analyze what’s going on with your PC.
A good way to do so is by executing the MSMPENG.exe file from Windows, because it will see if your PC has been infected by Spyware and take care of it if needed.

If you have problems with such file, then you should go ahead and read this blog which talks about this issue: msmpeng exe high disk usage. It will explain you what to do if your PC isn’t reacting very well with that file. It’s pretty much what you need to get it to work and get your PC away from the hackers and viruses.

Take Action:

It’s about time to install a good anti-virus program. Our personal favorite is ESET. It’s not so expensive and gets the job done. It will analyze your PC in further detail and on top of that it will clean all problematic files and viruses.

Another good and solid option is Norton security. This comes for free if you buy an HP machine, so if you have an HP desktop or laptop, you will save some bucks in the first year.

That’s all you need to know in fact. What you need to do is to take action. Make sure you analyze your PC very well and then install a good anti-virus. It will take care of most of your problems in fact.

The Cons of 3D Pens

3D printers have been growing more and more popular in different fields of life like fashion, construction, dentistry and even medicine. This does not really come as a surprise given how cheap 3D printing is. 3D printing can save hundreds of dollars and remove material and labor costs, so the advantages of 3D printing are endless.

Recently, 3D printer pens have been introduced and they seem to be growing as a trend as well. 3D printing pens use thermoplastic to create designs. You use the 3D printing like you would a standard pen but the air is your canvas, the thermoplastic is exuded which cools down and settles into the design you are aiming for. A number of websites like compare various 3D pen models and designs, in case you are interested.

While 3D pen happen to share some of the advantages of 3D printers, they have their share of disadvantages as well which we will be discussing below.

Since 3D pens require you to use your hands and design on literally thin air as you go, the chances of your design being imperfect are very likely and the chances of your hands shaking or some other human error can also cause mistakes, so your model will not be as accurate as you wish it to be.

It will still be relatively easier to create small designs, but bigger and thick models which will require more infill, can become a source of frustration for people and will result in gaps in the required infill area.

If you do not buy the right 3D pen model, you will end up using a heavy, non-versatile pen and a pen without proper speed settings can be an issue for amateurs since the filament will be exuding faster than the speed of the designer. So, picking the right 3D pen model is essential to control as many potential problems as possible, you can consult for a better idea on which model will best suit your needs.

Advantages of Using a Baby Monitor

For those parents who always want to keep an eye on their young one and track their activities because of how untrustworthy the babysitters can be these days, buying a baby monitor is one of the best things for them. Investing a small amount of money into a baby monitor will help you a lot in keeping a track of your toddler as well as fulfilling your parental duties. There are so many different kinds of baby monitors available in the market from which you can choose the one that you want or need. These baby monitors vary in terms of size, shape and their specs as well. It will be a very good investment of your money considering how you get a lot of advantages out of your baby monitor, you can check them out at best picks. If you are interested in knowing more about the advantages of a baby monitor then keep on reading ahead as we will be discussing them below, check them out.

Sleep Tracking

If you want to track your baby’s sleeping patterns then investing in a good video baby monitor would be the best choice for you. These advantages are specifically limited video monitors only but you can get a sound monitor as well that way whenever your baby cries you will know that he or she is awake and go and check on your toddler.

Wi-Fi Technology

Another good thing about baby monitors is that they have the latest technology in them and now due to the Wi-Fi technology you can share the video of your baby with anyone. The system is quite similar to that of a cloud sharing system. All you need is a baby video monitor that has Wi-Fi in it and connect it with your laptop this would help in keeping track of your baby even when you are away.

5 Successful Ways to Market Your Mobile App

With hundreds of apps on all major app stores, it is not easy to gain app visibility. You must make sure that you market your mobile app successfully in order to achieve more downloads and stand under the spotlight. Follow these five simple steps to get your app featured in no time:

Make Sure You App Stands Out

Apps - ROI marketing 1
This can only be achieved in the app that you have created is unique. This is easier said than done. You must make sure that the app you create is either development of the product or extension of something unique from an already existing app.

Make Yourself Tweetable
The world revolves around twitter, we all know that. You’ll be surprised to know that it can also serve as a platform for marketing an app. So if your app is unique, people will talk about it on twitter. This will further spread the word and hopefully result in increased sales.

Reach Out To Bloggers
Your app being the main topic on social media is not enough; you must make sure that bloggers are talking about it as serves as a review for others to see before downloading the app. This will result in more traffic directed towards your app as well as increase the sales, proving to be an excellent way of marketing an app.

Control the Popularity
You can a few people in on some of the minor app secrets so that hype about the app is created. Make sure you have a separate website for the app so that all the details are provide there and launch big.

Think Like Media
You must make sure that you have an insider that is a media expert so that you are aware of all the dos and don’ts. This will help you market the app correctly and successfully.

Sound Bar without Subwoofer, a Review

This article must prove to be a trusted review of some of the best sound bar without subwoofer and if you have been looking for one, then I hope this article would help you in your decision and make it a much easier one, why would one look for a sound which does not have a subwoofer, there may be several reasons behind it but the most common reason is that they don’t have the space to place a big size subwoofer, and the much slimmer and single sound bar is all they require.

A wireless subwoofer provides excellent sound and makes sure that you have control over the base which is something that you don’t have with the single speaker, but if you don’t really need such base requirement and your studio isn’t that big to stack up a lot of equipment, then dropping the subwoofer and just buying the single sound bar unit is the most sane thing to do.

Some of the top rated and best sound bars without subwoofer are:

  1. VIZIO SB3820-C6-38 inch Channel sound bar
  2. Yamaha YAS-105 Sound Bar
  3. VIZIO SB-2920 2.0 Channel Sound bar review
  4. Samsung HW-J250 2.2 Channel 80 watt sound bar

These are some of the best soundbar without subwoofer and most of the people who just opt for the single unit sound bar go for either of the above models, each one of them have amazing features and are really well designed, so you don’t really need to worry about the space that they might take, because these slim and portable single unit sound bars don’t require much space and being not wired with anything makes them really easy to place anywhere, if you wish to read more about the best soundbar without subwoofer then log onto

Question Answered: What Is PDF?

It is the age of computers which provides ease to the users by doing tasks of various kinds in just a matter of seconds, whereas if humans get on to do those tasks, they would take a painfully long time. Some of the tasks cannot be done by humans and can only be performed by the computer, for e.g. to convert pdf 2 jpg.

One of the purposes of inventing the internet was that people would be able to connect to people in even faraway places. Let us take an example of two people working in a same company but living in other countries and they need to send documents to each other, now how would they do that? Seems a bit tricky no? One option would be to send the documents through the post but it can also be done when you convert pdf 2 jpg. Because of this method (convert 2 jpg), any kind of documents can be converted in an image form and then sent via the internet.

Most of us have heard about convert 2 jpg but many don’t seem to know the meaning of it. Before we delve into it, we first need to understand what pdf is. Pdf is the short form for Portable Document Format. The term refers to the file which is exactly like a printed document but in an electric image form. When you talk about pdf, often you hear about convert pdf 2 jpg. It is easy to see, can be viewed from any angle i.e. you can look at every aspect of it by zooming in and out and it can be sent to anyone online and also can be printed out too.

Pdf is mostly used to convert magazines, flyers etc. into an image format.

Are You Ready For What’s Coming? – A Tech Article

Are you really ready for what’s coming? Are you wondering how our world will change in the following 10 years? One can find the answers to these questions with the correct amount of invested time. This article is dedicated to all those who crave knowledge and want to actually know more about this subject, if you are one of them, then feel invited to keep reading.

The Revolution of Robots
KL1500.0001.png0a1bc739-eba4-4a05-96e4-52979a982870OriginalNo, don’t think robots are coming for us… yet. We mean that robots are changing quite a lot. You just need to see how much robot vision has changed. It seems like a joke when you actually observe its evolution.

Years ago a robot was only capable, barely, of analyzing and extracting basic data from 2D surfaces. But now the robot vision tech has evolved, and 29has reached a new dimension: it can work with 3-dimensional objects with 100% precision. If you want to analyze a surface of this kind, then you only need to have a robot equipped with 3D robot vision, and it will be capable of extracting useful and very deep data with a very fast turnaround time.

Affecting Many Fields
Another thing we have to note is that this is affecting many fields. One of my favorite is the medicine field. Thanks to robots and this improvement in robot vision, they will be able to detect cancer a lot sooner, and therefore treat it with anticipation and maximize the chances of success in its treatment.

And what to say about construction. Now thanks to robots engineers will be able to tune up their processes and bring better results in a shorter time. The change has arrived and won’t stop expanding itself, we only need to take advantage out of it.

Best Dash Cams Of 2016

Xiaoyi Yi: This one is considered as one of the best if you are running on a low budget. This will cost you a total of seventy-five dollars. It has a great quality camera that will help you to record very high-quality videos. This is a very important feature because this will enable you to get a clear picture of the driver. If you are lucky, you might even catch the number plate. Hence, even though the person ran, you can still catch him by reporting the number plate. If you follow the correct guideline, you will not even have to pay for any damages that might have been caused. This will also help you if your car is insured. This camera is perfect whether you are using them during the day or at night.

which-is-the-best-dash-cam-to-buy1You can record high definition videos even in low light. It will show up all the warning signs on its LCD screen so that you cannot miss it. You can also connect the camera to your phone, to check and download videos. For further details check the website It will help you to solve your problems related to dash cams.

Transcend 200: This camera is not cheap. This one is not for you if you running on a very low budget. This camera is considered as one of the best in the UK. However, the picture quality decreases after a couple of days. The quality becomes much worse at night. The sharpness of the pictures decreases at night.

Premium camera: This camera comes with WIFI. This will enable you to connect with your phone and your laptop to transfer and download data.

More details can be found on the website

Building a Website Without Wasting Money

Every successful businessman out there is always looking for ways to save money, and we can tell you that if you want to build a website of excellent appearance and performance for the cheap, then you are doing the right thing. Because every single businessman out there is doing the same as you, because you should never overpay, and this article is going to bring you the knowledge you need to have in order to protect yourself from this situation.

The Domain and Hosting – Cheap Options:

how-to-make-money-online-without-investmentFor the domain we are going to use and for the hosting These two companies are the best for each use, and we are going to explain why in the following sentences. has some of the best prices for domains out there, you just need to get a good to their godaddypromocode. The best part is that you can get an excellent .com domain for less than $1 the first year. And this is something that’s very attractive, because registeringa domain for less than a dollar is something that’s very hard to find nowadays, but this company makes it possible for you, so you should take advantage of this godaddy promocode.

And for the hosting we recommend because they have excellent deals. They even allow you to pay only $0.01 the first month. And this company is also of great excellence, because their hosting plans are fully protected from DDOS attacks, and the best part is that they can stand quite a lot of traffic, and based on that, we can say that the hosting plans offered by Godaddy will grant you the speed that’s needed to satisfy your visitors. So use for your campaign – you will not regret it!