These Sunglasses Are Environment Friendly

Wooden frames are much sought after these days when it comes to sunglasses because they are not only a bold and unique style statement but also ideal for people that are allergic to plastics. Wooden frame glasses are now more popular with men than with women as they present a heavy looking style with sunglasses, however, these are as light to wear as any other pair of glasses but look much more stylish. Companies like are marketing these shades also as an alternative to plastic made glasses to take off load on environment by giving a replacement style that would be made from natural materials and be just as stylish. This also makes these products entirely non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about any health hazards or chemical waste in the manufacturing process. This is a great initiative towards adopting more environmental friendly approach in life and in fashion industry as well as that has a lot of contribution towards damaging processes being used to make fashion products. The collective impact on the environment is quite damaging.

This is also a more practical approach for people that advocate for sustainable alternatives in all walks of life. Because of the naturally available resource material and as a result, more natural processes involved the impact of the emissions is much less on the environment. So, if you are a person that talks about environment friendly processes, you can safely adopt this style of sunglasses to let you use this product and also save you from criticism of using the products that result from same practices you advocate against. There are many thing in our use today that are quite important for everyday living but not all of them are made in an environmentally friendly manner thus, we need more companies to provide alternative means.

Rolex Watches: Taking Care of Your Rolex

Rolex watches aren’t your average wristwatches that would last you a couple of years. Considering how reliable they are, and how long they last, you can easily call a Rolex more than just a purchase, but an investment.

Like all other investments, a Rolex watch needs to be properly maintained if you want to pass it on to the next generation. Here are some times that experts suggest when it comes to taking care of Rolex watches.

Rolex WatchesBecause most Rolex watches are equipped with its proprietary Oyster protection, they are water resistant and literally able to withstand most, if not all wet and damp conditions. That being said, waterproof Rolex watches can be washed. But before you get the Rolex all wet, make sure that you screw the winding crown into the watch case so that no water can get in through there. It is best to use warm water and less caustic soap to wash the exterior of the Rolex watch. Use a brush to get into the spaces in between the bands and the actual timepiece. Rinse the Rolex watch with warm water, and use a blow dryer with temperature control to make sure that any hard to reach areas are dried.

Scratches on Rolex watches, on the wristband in particular, can be addressed with quality polishing cloths. Choose the ones which are used for stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about producing even more scratches. These polishing cloths come treated with the proper polishing chemicals; avoid using any other cleaning liquids. Follow the grain of the metal when you apply pressure on to the scratched area with the cloth.

To make sure that Rolex watches are always chronologically accurate, its inner components need to be checked on a regular basis as well. It is recommended that Rolex watches be properly serviced by shops that are Rolex-certified.

With the proper care and regular maintenance, you can make your Rolex last for literally a hundred years.